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Herbal remedy cure for internal and external anal pile Hemorrhoids

Hello Readers from all over the Globe Piles (Hemorrhoids) Is a unusual swelling in the anal Nerve Ending region on a human body .
it is caused by Irregular movement of Blood around the anal region due to the persons activity at the moments and it causes unnecessary itching and bleeding .
it could be hereditary That is to say if your father once had pile (internal/external) .... then maybe at a point in life you may have it ...
and Piles (Hemorrhoids) is a very embarrassing infection that can come with many predicament. And do not fail to Note that Piles (Hemorrhoids) is not caused by Anal sex or STD / I's its a Natural occurrence and can happen to any body....
Homemade herbal remedy preparations Piles (Hemorrhoids) can be cured in a very short period of 1 Week if this Guide is Followed closely.
Goto the Garden at your Backyard and get the Following Leafs

• Paw paw Leaf

paw paw leaf

• Scent Leaf

scent leaf

• Bitter Leaf

bitter leaf


• Wash the leafs Carefully to remove Dirts on the Leafs • Add salt on the leafs and allow it to stay for 30 seconds

• Put all the leaf in one bowl add 1 cup of water and wash/squeeze them together (squeeze and grind them Like the way you wash bitter leaf to cook )

• After get a filter and Filter the Water produced into a bowl • Add a pinch of Salt

• Turn into a Plastic bottle and Shake violently

• Allow to settle


5ml 3-4 times a day for All Ages..

Also pat your Anal region With boiled warm water mixed with a little salt on a soft material every morning and evening during medication process.
If symptoms still shows after 11 days contact the doctor

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