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Touchpal alternative , Correct wrong words with Grammarly keyboard for Android

Correct any wrong spelling and punctuation when typing with your android mobile device today with the advanced Grammarly Keyboard, this isn't your regular auto correct function it's on a whole another level.

Grammarly is an English language writing-enhancement platform developed by Grammarly, Inc., and launched in 2009. Grammarly's proofreading and plagiarism-detection resources check more than 250 grammar rules.

Now, the company now has a standalone Android app called Grammarly Keyboard that helps you correct your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in any app as you type.
Just like the online Grammarly tool, the keyboard app identifies grammatical errors while you type texts or words and help you with correct words suggestions and more so it's not limited to just spell checking.

While the keyboard app is an interesting innovation from Grammarly Inc, there are still a long way to go if it really want to meet up with the standard set by the likes of SWIFT Keyboard and Google Gboard. But hey, it's still a new app and definitely, updates will be released from time to time which will bring timely improvements.

Grammarly keyboard is unique, free and easy to setup. Similar to the method used in activating other keyboards, you have to download and install the keyboard app on your phone, then enable it and set it as your default typing app.
The user interface looks familiar and something like the design of Google Keyboard but the highly noticeable difference is the correction bubbles that pop up at the top as you type. Users can tap to accept the suggestion or tap the Grammarly button to see the errors expanded with explanations for the proposed change. But in all, the UI is not amazing compared to what other keyboards offers. Maybe, that's my observation, you can check yours.

Meanwhile, Grammarly offers premium services which comes with more advanced features and settings. So if you are a premium user, you can login and enter your details to activate those features while free users will enjoy just the basic features.

Download Grammarly for Android here

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