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Download King Da'veed - Faces Mp3 Here

Indeed 2017 has been a flexible year, having mixed events and major happenings that went down during the year.
most of these events and happenings went down in the entertainment industry, including the surfacing of various new acts sprouting up in the underground amongst which includes the very one versatile hip pop act King Da'veed, away he has been skimming and scouting putting in alotta hard work during the early months of the year and now at the end of the year 2017 and the beginning of 2018 he drops this piece titled 'FACES' thereby showing us where all that hard work went.

The track Faces can be said to be a song of collective sounds, with the trap like beat and rap like delivery King Da'veed fuses trap and rap together in this piece, and also another catchy thing about this song is his lyrics and choice of words, going in 95% English and the remaining 5% he drops in his native pidgin dialect. He also brings in alot of energy in his delivery to do justice to the theme and message of the song.

The track speaks majorly on the subject of hustle, relationships and trust.

Faces is the best out from king da'veed so far.  Get below

Link 1: Download King Da'veed - Faces Mp3 Here
Link 2: Download King Da'veed - Faces Mp3 Here
Link 3: Download King Da'veed - Faces Mp3 Here


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