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Download Black Ft Rhymez - Shayo mp3

Shayo is a RnB love song by Nigerian upcoming act Mannic black and underground Singer Rhymez .
Shayo is an RnB song from the stables of the black house music group.

The song was written and perfectly executed by the Port Harcourt based talent 'King Black' he also brings on board this piece the versatile and talented singer 'Rhymes' working together the song is a masterpiece.

Thanks to the production skills of the skillful producer 'Lil Gizzy' the sound quality can be said to be a five star classic sounding, so clear and professional.

Though an up and coming act 'King Black' proves that he has what it takes to pull the spotlight with this piece, enjoy.

Download Black Ft Rhymez - Shayo Here [Link 1]
Download Black Ft Rhymez - Shayo Here [Link 2]
Download Black Ft Rhymez - Shayo .mp3 [Link 3]

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