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Nowhere fast is Song from eminem's 9th studio album Titled Revival Featuring Kehlani.

Some notable lyrics

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Fuck doin' what you're told, act like a two-year old
Shit is soon to go kaboom and blow
Anyways; for MC's it's a funeral
When I'm devisin' this rhyme
'Cause I'm awake and you're mourning
That's why I rise and I shine
Like a new day has dawned on me
Gusto, guts, bravado
Nuts and plus I kick up dust and cuss a lot
I musta got you in somewhat of a debacle
'Cause some stuff that's awful
Really don't mean nothin' although
There's a lot of shit I said in jest that's tough to swallow
But if at times my heart it seems
Like it's in the wrong place, it's probably 'cause it's on my sleeve
Keanu Reeves speed of life, avoid or veer
Or just steer toward it, we're only lookin' forward
But where we're goin', we have no idea
Nowhere to go, but hysterical, it's gettin' warm in here
I set the world on fire, was born to be an arsonist
Just one spark and it's lit
But I'ma still get dark on this shit
Told you I'd leave my mark on this bitch—war machine
But you forced me in a corner
I'm sure to have somethin' for your ear
And in the course of the assault is torture, it's more severe
Go to war with me or end up blew to Timbuktu
I send at you a ten-ton nuke like Kim Jong-Un
And end up ruinin' your career
All in all, it's said and done
And at the end of my run I just rewind clocks, forever young
Make time stop, will I ever fall off? That day'll never come
To the pine box, bitch fuck you! I'm better than I ever was
'Til the bomb drops, hope it never does
But I'm not gonna sweat it 'cause
This world's screwed, it's already fucked
And I'm on top, so everyone's just—

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