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Download Eminem Ft Phresher - Chloraseptic mp3

Chloraseptic is Song from eminem's 9th studio album called Revival .

Some notable lyrics

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Yeah, uh, and still conjoined at
The hip with hop, still on point and poignant
Skilled as Floyd is
In this field, and still no filter, boy
I'll put you in your place (yeah) like a realtor, boy
You still ain't in the building, boy
I will destroy shit, even as I build it
Get the drill bit, pen is filled with poison
Which is the source, easy to still pinpoint it
(Like what?) Like a real thin joint it
(What?) Comes on Quilted Northern
(And what?) In a built-in toilet
(Yeah) Bitch, I told you I'm a dog ( woof)
I wouldn't heal with ointment
Way I'm kickin' these fairies tails
Should write a children's storybook (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Million voices in my head
But still get a little bit of thrill and some real enjoyment
(Off what?) Off the feel of going in
(Like?) Like your bitch when she gives me brain
Like she thinks I'm dumb
Grabs the crown of my dick and blows me to kingdom come
'Til I feel anointed
She makes iller noises
When she's with me, must be from the Windy City
Pretty apparent, she's a MILF when blowin' me
'Cause I conned her into
Rippin' the condom in two (woo!)
Dick is a bargaining tool
Now I'm gettin' blue like Klonopins, Rude Jude
I go there, you wouldn't
Well, I still have a few views in common with you
Just not YouTube, 'cause…

Full lyrics can be viewed at Genius

Download Eminem Ft Phresher- Chloraseptic , Here

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