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Download Eminem Ft Skylar Grey - Tragic endings mp3

Tragic endings is Song from eminem's 9th studio album Titled Revival and Skylar Grey took the chorus and as always did an incredible work in this.

Some notable lyrics

[Verse 2: Eminem]
All my life, I was told, I was never nothin' special
I don't need to be reminded of it every other second
'Specially when all my self-esteem's
Already shot to hell, I'm fallin’ helplessly
I’m embarrased, I don't want no one else to see
’Cause I feel like I'm a piece of shit every time she yells at me
Selfishly addicted, but definitely doesn't help that she
Makes me feel like I've died and gone to heaven
But makes life a livin’ hell for me
She does that thing with her lip, now she's meltin' me
I'm putty in her palms, I'm wrapped around her finger
A yo-yo on a string, she lets me sit there and just dangle
Until something better comes along
And she'll just drop me like a hot potato
I look like I'm in pain, but I'm okay though
'Cause I know she loves me—my friends, what do they know?

Full lyrics can be viewed at Genius

Download Eminem Ft Skylar Grey - Tragic endings , Here

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