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Eminem brings the heat back to the hip hop scene after being away for up to four years with this song also titled 'Heat' from eminem's 9th studio album Titled Revival .

Some notable lyrics

[Verse 2]
Hate to inconvenience you at the convenience store
But them jeans you wore, like I've never seen before
I pretend I work there while I clean the floor
Checkin' you out, like the clerk while he rings you up
Pull up behind you when you're leavin'
And you don't even know it (ayo Rick, man!)
She's brushin' her hair, adjustin' her mirror
She's rappin' my shit, but she wasn't aware
I was there, or maybe she was and just didn't care
Who knows? At least that ain't up in the air
It's somethin' to see
So like a chick who thinks her coochie don't stink
If she ain't plannin' to do shit this summer's eve
Maybe she wants to keep me company
But fuck the Pepé Le Pew shit!
"Ain't steppin' to you, bitch," I say to myself
Plus she's bumpin' my music, ain't chasin' no tail
Like a skunk in heat
I could sweat her to some degree
But fuck it, I'm the male, let her come to me
(Could you repeat that again?)
Let her come to me, male sweater, some degree, fail
Fuck it, pull up beside her
Sideswipe her, Dodge Vipe-her
What is a brighter ass if she wants a computer lodged in her vagina?
Said my dick is an apple, she said put it inside her
I said—

Full lyrics can be viewed at Genius

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