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Remind is a pop/rap style song from eminem's 9th studio album called Revival . Its consists of Slim Shady crazy type of rap similar to berzerk from his MMLP2 album from 2013.

Some notable lyrics

[Verse 2: Eminem]
I'm lookin' at your tight rear like a sightseer
Your booty is heavy duty like diarrhea
The plan's to bring you to my house
You're drinkin' Jack and Beam
I'm thinking soon as trampolines so we should bounce
But you're out of your tube-top
If you're thinking that mi casa es su casa
Yeah, you're a cute fox
Perfect ten so back that up like a moonwalk
Girl, you're smokin' like Snoop Dogg
But you must be Token if you think you're takin' over my quarters
There goes the dime into the jukebox
Two shots of blue Hpnotiq and soon I'll
Turn this pool hall to a barroom brawl
So, Rick, scratch on the break like the cue ball
Turn the volume all the way up on your boombox
And excuse the locker room talk, I'm just too raw
But apparently, so are you, ma
'Cause you just kicked me in the balls and told me to screw off
And that's why—

Full lyrics can be viewed at Genius

Its a Danm rock and roll type of song... You'll love it.

Download Eminem - Remind me, Here

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