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Download Travis Scott & Quavo - Best Man mp3

Best man is a slow RnB/HipHop song from the Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho collaborated album by both Travis Scott and Quavo , The song was co-written by Mike Dean , Dun Deal, Wheezy, Quavo & Travis Scott and was produced by Mike Dean , C4, Dun Deal & Wheezy.

On Best Man quavo takes on the chorus giving a shouts out to all of his fans.

[Chorus: Quavo]
Left hand (left hand)
Cook up grams with the left hand
(Cook up grams with the left hand)
Count up bands with my best mans
Count up bands with my best mans
Cookin' up grams with the left hand, left hand
Count up bands with my best mans
Count up bands with both of my hands
Shouts out go out to all of my fans

While on Travis Scott side he does one of those his rare but really awesome raps like he did on Antidote:

[Verse 2: Travis Scott]
Best man had been my brother, took the fire,
took the cover, uh
Can't tell us apart, but different fathers,
different mothers
We got caught smokin' weed, we tried to hide
the shit
But we like Swizz and DMX, we ruff ride the shit
I bumped the Ye and Screw tapes, you bumped
the Nas and shit
We was both presidents, fuck the politics
We took two bright Lambs on a speed chase
It's like a thousand on the dash on the freeway,
Best man (best man) best man
R.I.P. to Ben Franklin, that's my best friend
My girl got that ass, she a Texan
She can bounce it up and down with her left leg
Tell me what gang is you reppin'

Full lyrics can be viewed on Genius

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