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Download Travis Scott & Quavo - Black and Chinese mp3

Black and Chinese is a Trap/hip-hop song with a lot of internal hype and energy from the Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho collaborated album by both Travis Scott and Quavo , The song was co-written by Southside, Quavo
& Travis Scott and was produced by Southside.

The songs beat is really lit and hype rising containing a lot of energy. Travis Scott took hold of the chorus whilst Quavo did a lit job of delivering really cool trap raps. You'd really enjoy this.

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Black and Chinese, meds and relieve (yah)
Pop it for me please, hands on your knees (pop
it, pop it)
Came up out the trees, everything achieved
Blessed me with the keys, never want to leave,
yeah (yah)
Lambo drivin', you pedestrian (yah, yah)
Yeah, ten hundred thousand, apply the pressure
Yeah, she couldn't drive it, she took a Tesla (it's
Told her wrap around me just like a necklace
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: Quavo]
Pocket rocket (agh), bankrolls (bankrolls)
All the hoes (hoes), at the shows (shows)
Taekwondo (yeah)
And karate (karate)
Ice tray (ice), Elliante (ice, ice)
What you know (kill) 'bout hot stoves? (Hah)
Streets gold (streets), fish bowl (fish)
Bad bitches (bad), on go (go)
She gon' wipe your nose (wipe it), she gon' wipe
your nose

Full and complete lyrics is available at the Genius page

Download Travis Scott And Quavo - Black and Chinese.mp3

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