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Download Travis Scott & Quavo - Modern Slavery mp3

Modern Slavery is a HipHop song from the Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho collaborated album by both Travis Scott and Quavo , The song was co-written by Tyron Douglas , Quavo & Travis Scott. And produced by Buddah Bless

Quavo really killed this track with his lines and matured barz.
Some of his lyrics on modern slavery. While travis scott didn't do bad either. These duo really got that chemistry for producing lit songs.

Some lyrics from modern slavery:

[Intro: Travis Scott & Otis Redding ]
It's earlier in the morning
Mmm, mmm (Buddah Bless This Beat)
Since I

[Chorus: Quavo & Travis Scott ]
All these damn chains, modern slavery (ice)
But this ain't 1800 so they pay me (cash)
Uh, yuh, shaking my demons off (shake 'em)
Dippin' my dreams in sauce (dreams)
Never been food for sharks (nope)
Wrist like fins on dolphins (splash)
Pop hella bands and I'm paid (oh yeah)
Whip got a switch, I go brainless (oh yeah)
Sip after sip, I feel painless (oh yeah)

[Verse: Travis Scott & Quavo]
Yeah yeah, do it one time for team (yeah)
Burn it like gasoline (it's lit)
Downing these jolly beans (alright)
Diamonds they frolicking (ice)
Red and blue matching drugs
Did 'em both just because (pop it)
They hoodie and maskin' up (nah)
They the real Robin Hoods
Yeah, if I, let my
Gang out, bow down (gang)
Come 'round, gun you down
Hunt down (pew pew), hunt down (shoot)
Rampage, campaign
Champagne (ayy), I gain
Decades of no pain
At this age, they fugaz'
Who did you thought you was (who?)
Get em knocked off for dubs (pew)
Sit in the trap with bugs (trappin')
Walk in the lab with scrubs (ayy)
Niggas tried to count us out (no)
Fuck you thought this was (huh)
Up like a coffee mug (up)
Save your salt for slugs (save it)
Hot on the block, you told 12, got the drop
Rubber bands and they pop, so we weigh up the
Cuban link cost a lot, Houston cred with a lot
Let it fall from the top, she gon' bend, she gon'
pop, oh

Full lyrics can be viewed on Genius

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Download Travis Scott And Quavo - Mordern Slavery .mp3

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