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Download Travis Scott & Quavo - Moon Rock mp3

Moon Rock, Is A Hip-hop Song From The Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho joint collaboration album by both Travis Scott and Quavo , The song was co-written by Kevin Gomringer , Tim Gomringer , Vinylz, Travis Scott & Quavo and was produced by CuBeatz & Vinylz

Now this is my favorite off the jack huncho, huncho jack album. The beat and both quavo and travis scott delivered masterpiece verses. I really am obsessed with this song and how travis scott killed his first verse.. Too lit for my music player, it could burn down my phone.

Some notable lyrics:

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Been poppin'
Foldin' this money, can't make a knot
How not? High on moon rock
Y'all still locked
After 12, we hit the gate and flood the spot
6 of them are thots

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
No lights, this ice, it blinds
Clothes hit the mall, we buy the whole thing
Big gas, it's lit, propane
One hit, one touch, La Flame
Know that you niggas never liked me
Know that you niggas sit beside me tryna slide
on my sidepiece
Tint all through the whip, I hope it can hide me
Tip all of the bitches, I don't want no funny
Don't want them to try me
They wanna slide in my IV
Ran 12 red lights, 12 behind me
Paparazzi flashes wanna deprive me
Hypnotized, I cannot let it blindside me, no
I'ma live and die by my Migos
Why I'm startin' to dance, what in the hell did
you hand me?
Took all of my niggas off Xans, all of my bitches
on Plan B

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Download below;

Download Travis Scott And Quavo - Moon Rock .mp3

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