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Saint, Is A Hip-hop Song From The Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho joint collaboration album by both Travis Scott and Quavo , The song was co-written by !llmind , Murda Beatz , Quavo & Travis Scott and was produced by !llmind & Murda Beatz

Some notable lyrics:

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Yeah, mama built a saint (saint, yeah)
Yeah, countin' up the O's, I thank (thank, alright)
Yeah, lookin' at the O's I drank (aw, it's lit)
You can't see that on the road, I blank

[Verse 2: Travis Scott & Quavo ]
Nah, lit ain't lit for me, yeah, yeah
A four in Brisk, that's my cup of tea, yeah
Look behind the blinds, nobody can see, yeah
Collect the platinum hits like they jewelry, yeah
I might charge you fifty thousand for the sauce
(sauce and drip)
Ace Ventura, Marino, I play with dolphins
(dolphins, splash)
Count up the deads, no coffin (coffins, deads)
Pullin' out that fire out that arson
A lot of jelly on this PJ, made it say 4K (yah)
You niggas 'round runnin' down my juice, I ran it
back, OJ (it's lit)
Rubber bands make 'em twerk, diamonds make
'em twerk (pop it, pop it)
I done lived every Sunday like you goin' to church
Fuck wrong with these niggas?

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