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Download Travis Scott & Quavo - Where U From mp3

Where U From , a Trap song from Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho joint collab album by both Travis Scott and Quavo , The song was co-written by Kevin Gomringer , Tim Gomringer , Quavo, Travis Scott & Cardo and was produced by CuBeatz & Cardo

Travis and quavo drops a really nice track each representative of where they from.

Too much of alcohoool mhen we need some lit lyrics and its below:

Shout out to Cardo, shout out to Cardo
Cardo got wings

[Chorus: Quavo & Travis Scott ]
If that coupe came with rims, I don't want it
( skrrt)
Stock me out (ooh, yeah,) big block me out
(ooh, yeah)
Robocops, they out (ayy,) put my guns in the
house (12)
So much cash over this way (cash)
No, no droughts
Too much of alcohol, we need more options
Need more dancers, oh, we way too poppin'
In love with ice and chains, I'm way too flashy
We movin' fast as hell, no, they can't catch me

[Post-Chorus: Quavo]
Fill that pot with my arm, put that on my mom
(skrrt skrrt)
Walk around with two drums, call that Under
Arm (bow)
Put that coca on her tongue, bet it get numb
Nawf Side, H-Town, nigga, where you from?
Ayy, where you from?
Ayy, ayy, where you from?
Yeah, where you from?
Ayy, where you from?

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
Freaks got me geeked, yeah
Energy, suck it outta me, yeah
Hit my phone, click, then I'm home
Styrofoam, zone, zone, zone, zone
Get a brick, get a band, okay
We let it blow the same way
See this life when you make this wave
Du-rag life, shit wave
Poker face, in and out my place
When you play that high stakes
Wild, just like my style
When you roll that loud, can't hear you now

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Download too much of alcohol below lol. I meant where u from.

Download Travis Scott And Quavo - Where U From .mp3

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