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Steps To Transfer/Gift Data Subscription on Airtel Sim

Hello kokowapites ,I received a request on how to make a transfer of data bundles between one user to another on Airtel network although it isn't complex to do so but it could be confusing so today I'll be dropping a tutorial on how to transfer/gift megabytes (data) to another number. Please have in mind that whomever you want to gift or transfer data to must be using an Airtel sim card as well or else it wouldn't work.

There are only two ways data can be shared between users on Airtel Network. And they are:

1. Data Gifting
2. Data Me2U

The simple difference between the two is that data gifting requires you to buy the data from your account balance and send immediately to the recipient number, while Data Me2U more like the normal Me2U is actually sending data to a user from your already bought data balance, that means cutting from your already existing data plan subscription and sending some portion of it to whomever you would like to maybe a friend or family member that also uses an Airtel Sim card.

Step.1 So firstly whenever you want to do any of the transaction you dail *141# .

Step.2 Go to the next page list input * and press send

Step.3 On the next popup locate Data Gifting And Sharing which should be number 6 input in the text area and hit send.

Note: Before ever gifting or sharing data you would need to change your PIN , the default pin generated for all Airtel customers is 1234 . So we need to change the pin to your own pin, because even if you try to do the transaction with the default pin it would not work. It needs to be changed firstly.. So here we go

How To Change Default Airtel Data Gifting/Sharing PIN

** While you are still in the data gifting and sharing pop up. Input look for Change Pin (Default PIN - 1234) , this should be number 1 so input 1 in the text area and hit send.

**A new pop up would show up asking you to input old pin. Just put 1234 in the text area then hit send.

**Another pop up would be made available asking for you to input New PIN, put the new pin you would like to use whenever you are trying to gift or share data to anybody in the text area and hit send. The new pin should only contain four numbers and should not be in descending or ascending order, what i mean is is should not look like 1234 or 9876, it should be scattered for example 2057 and any other you can think of.

**Another would come up asking you to confirm the new pin. Just input the pin you put in the last pop up again. After that hit send.

**You would receive a notification from airtel that your new pin has been set and you can continue with the gifting and sharing transaction.

Everything about creating a new pin should be perfectly done by now.

Now that we have created a new pin we continue from where we stopped.That is Step.3

Step. 4 After the new pop up comes up you would have to choose if you want to gift from your airtime balance or share from your currently existing data plan.


Gifting Data:

For those that want to gift data to someone else follow the steps provided below.

**On the current pop up choose data gifting which should be number 2, so input 2 and hit send.

**With the next popup you would be asked to choose what type of data bundle you would like to gift the person, from the popup would look like this:
1. Monthly Bundles
2. Weekly/Daily Bundles
3. Mega packs

Choose the one you want to send depending on your current account balance, but for the tutorial we are gifting Monthly Bundles so we input 1 and hit send.

**The next popup asks that we chose what plan we want to gift weather it 1GB, 3.5Gb or whatever. From the image below we go with. 9Gb , so we input 1 and hit send.

**A popup would show up asking you to activate, input 1 and hit send.

**After that a new display with a header Enter Recipient MSISDN: this simply is asking for the airtel phone number of whomever you want to gift the selected data to, so input the correct phone number any mistake made may result in failed transaction or if the resulting number is an airtel number, the data would be transferred to whoever has that number, so you have to carefully ensure that you crosschecked before hitting the send button.

**Next popup will ask you for your PIN to complete transaction, i hope you remember the new pin we created here , input that pin into the text area and hit send.

If everything is done perfectly the data would be gifted to the recipient number you input.


And that's that for data gifting, we head up to the steps for those that want to share data from already existing subscription input # and hit send to go back till you get to the popup after Step.3


Sharing Data:

**On the popup locate Data Me2U , this is supposed to be number 3, so input 3 in the text area and hit send.

**On the next output choose Send Me2U from existing allowance , this should be number 2, so just hurry up and put 2, in the text area and click on send below.

**You would be asked on the next show up to input Recipient number , input the receiver of the data you want to share airtel's number in the text area then tap on send button.

**Then you would be asked to Enter Data Allowance:, it's on this point that you would write the amount of data you want to share to the recipient.

Please note that the data is accumulated in MB .
So if you input 1000 it is equivalent to 1GB, understood?, good now input the amount of data you want to share. Ensure your data balance is more than the amount of data you input in the text area, if you want to check your bundle balance dail *223# or *141*7#. On tge 223 own you would get a pop-up of all your bonuses and data. But on the 141 own, a text message would be sent almost immediately to you showing all available data plan. I'd prefer that you use the 141 own.

**The next popup would ask you to enter your pin. This is the pin we formed here. After you put it press send and a notification popup would come up telling you that it was successful.

The pin for Gifting and Sharing are the same pin you created here.

Hope this post was helpful to you. If you encountered any glitch or issues, ensure to use the comment box below and I'll reply almost immediately.

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