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The flaws of up and coming musicians today


Today we take a look at the nigerian entertainment industry and we see alot of acts and talents, although there are some still trying to get into the industry through one way or the other while some are selling gigs others are out there trying to get enough fans and make name to the extent of getting labels to start looking for them.

While caught up in the bussle and tussle most of these acts make the same mistakes, making unprofessional content.

Anyone can jump into the booth and spit but it takes true talent and hardwork to be able to create something fascinating and eye catching while most singers/rappers rely on just onr style others put in sleepless nights to develop their own style.

another problems these upcoming stars have is that they just jump into any studio spit songs and come out, which when done the sound quality might be of low grade, i was listening to a song by an up coming on radio sometime ago and i couldnt get a word he was saying the sound quality was so poor coupled with the amount of compression such track would undergo before getting aired on radio one can tell that the result would be disastrous.

Another major flaw up and coming acts have is the refusal to evolve with the sound we live in an era where your beat is your main catch and not your lyrics except youre a rapper most acts still trust the power of their lyrics over their beats to fetch them fans.

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