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Trap Music - What's it all about

Music can be defined as a group of strategically arranged harmonous sounds that appeals to hearing sense, just like many other works of arts it can be grouped into styles and genres. From the classicals to pop styles, from rnb to rock and jazz streaming into hip pop and dance.
As the years exhaust we see more styles and genres emerging, these styles being developed  or created by talented acts in the fields.
One of the various mainstream genres of music we have today is the 'Trap-style' often called 'Mumble Rap'. The Trap evolved from the long existent 'Hip -hop style' this style was created by the black American  rapper called  Waka flowka. Still possesing some features of the hip hop rap style it can be also classified as 'rap music'.
We have so many acts in the trap field of music today from the likes of Travis Scott to the famous American trio Migos.
we can find the distinct difference of Trapsters from other class of musicians in their lyrics with the dominant style of sing rapping Trapsters often glorify drugs, guns, gangs women and money.
Coming from craddle to maturity the style has gained strong grounds in the industry of today,  we see major record labels signing tangable deals with these Trapsters, moving from topping tv and radio media to being the most active body on social media, we see more trap talents emerging from the underground a good example is the 17 year old trapster Lil pump.
In it's few years of being in existence the genre has spread far and wide to different corners of the world with top notch acts taking way beyond borders to topping and high ranking international charts, on it's feat of great popularity the genre has been received  differently by different  categories of people while some say they love the genre and the acts that practice it others say it has negative influence on the society, especially on youths as it glorifies and idolize drugs, guns, gangs etc.
While some countries have set up policies to block raw lyrical and graphical content from being aired on national television others have taking steps to curbing the ills through youth empowerment they believe if the youths are kept busy 'they wouldn't have time to listen to such mindless nonsense' still the genre still dominates amidst all drama the genre still keep spreading it's reach.
With the level of achievement in the industry by trap acts it can be said that the style has come to stay and would be jamming  on speakers for years to come.

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