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Steps To Cartoon Yourself With Picsart Apk On Android - Tutorial

This post would guide you on how to turn your pictures to cartoon easily with picsart on android, be it your Facebook profile picture or Instagram profile profile photo or any other picture you would like to turn into cartoon like animation Exactly as it is with photoshop.

A lot of people assume that turning pictures into animated like cartoons is something that can only be done using Adobe Photoshop on a laptop or computer, but due to ignorance they don't explore the whole capacity of some really cool android photo editing apps,  and picsart is a simply good app for completing this task.

Picsart is possibly the most popular photo editing software application used on Android device. It contains Spectacular abilities and lots of cool Fx Effects and nice face cleanser no wonder most girls on social media seem not to have pimples on their faces when they upload their pictures on facebook. Lol maybe I'll write a post on that soon.  But we are currently on a different topic today.

Although this tutorial will guide you on how to make your photos into cartoon.  The results from each person may differ because this action requires a little bit of artistry skill and little perfection and i recommend you use a Android tablet or any other android device with really big screen size resolution, this is because you'll have to use yours hand to do a little bit of coloring so using a bigger screen would keep you at a better advantage over smaller screen size also.  All steps on the video tutorial provided below should be followed from start till you get your required result .

Please note that this is no trick or special picsart application .

The requirements for this to be made is simple..

No 1. Download Latest Version Of Android Picsart Here

No 2. The picture you want to turn into cartoon. (ensure the quality is clear and was shot from a good camera)

No 3. Follow the video tutorial below carefully from start to end.

Hope this worked out fine.  Enjoy also invite your friends to this blog for lotta updates

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