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how to create a new facebook account with same phone number

How to create new facebook account with the same number or how to create multiple facebook account with the same phone number. is what you probably have been trying to do for some time but it may seem difficult or trickish on how you couldn't accomplish this This may have some disadvantage because whenever you try to lo gin facebook could get confused so I'd advise you to use email or facebook default username to lo gin.

Facebook default username looks like this:

To get your facebook default username go to your profile, and click on About.

using it to logging just input John.braino.779 in the box that ask for email and phone number then input your password and it'll be good to go..

There are some reason you want to do this maybe because you really don't want to purchase a new sim card or all your contacts are on the one you are currently using and you are lazy to start copying them into the new simcard for facebook to synchronise with the new account, So you'd lazily find a way to just make it possible. i know the reason for creating another account is best known to you. But also note that facebook is very sensitive and my Frost & Lock you out of the account if they find anything suspicious within it and put you on a security check. for a really Long Tiiiiiimmmmeee.

so back to basis.

Although this particular problem has been looked into by Facebook and users are now capable of creating more than one account with the same phone number despite country code whatsoever. Today I'll be giving those that still have problems with this a solution but i guess y'all are now few.

I am using Opera Mini to make this.
so download opera mini from Google Plays tore or any other store available according to the OS of your phone.

next you also download a really cool Vpn app on your phone. This should be done if and only if your opera doesn't have Private Mode. or Ignito mode for other browser.

if it happens that the browser or Opera doesn't have any of the mode provided above and it has been pre-installed already and in use, you may want to sign in to opera to save your bookmarks and speed dial. to brace yourself for the next step

then next step is go to Settings=Apps=Opera mini and clear data plus cache.

after doing this launch the application and visit facebook. Do this on Private browsing or Ignito browsing else use the Vpn app you downloaded of recent.

Follow normal steps to create a new facebook account. but when inputting mobile number. do not put in the country code. just type it like that.

Make sure the simcard is handy and on line because facebook would send a confirmation text almost immediately to it. Containing five digits. use it to Confirm the account on the next page.

And everything should be Good.

On your first account you should get a notification that says:

Your Mobile Number Was Added To Another Facebook Account, Update Your Contact Information

Now all you have to do is Ignore this message.
And you are all good.

If you are Still having problems with this.

just simply Remove the phone number from your first account (Ensure you have a confirmed Email added to the account already)
ignore all pop up telling you to add a phone number for the mean time. Then Use it to create the new account and hence re add it to the first account back. Sike. Wise isn't that?. lol.

hope you enjoyed this thread, Check out my other topics below.

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