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How to deactivate glo flexi plan 2018 tarrif bonus

By default every new glo user is always on this tarrif plan, and for some people they do not really enjoy this tarrif plan maybe because it doesn't provides any cheap services and would love to opt in for another tarrif plan hereby looking for a way to deactivate the default Glo Flexi. today I'll be showing you how to simply do this by migrating to any other tarrif plan that suits your taste.

What is Glo Flexi
1. What is the Glo Flexi Recharge?
This is a one-step solution where your main account credit can be used for either voice or data as you like it. The Flexi Recharge allows you to use Voice as per profile and bundle data at the rate of just N1 = 1MB. Now no hassles, no need to buy data bundle.
2. What do I have to do to enjoy these Flexi Recharge benefit?
The Flexi recharge benefits are by default for all prepaid and postpaid customers.
3. How do I opt in for Flexi Recharge and enjoy these benefits?
No opt in is required as you will enjoy Flexi Recharge by default.
4. How do I receive and enjoy Flexi Recharge?
Just recharge by dialing *123*PIN# and you have freedom to use the credit either for voice or data.
5. I have an HSI data plan will I be charged for Flexi Recharge?
No. Flexi recharge is only applicable if you do not have an active data subscription or your data subscription has exhausted.
6. Will these flexi recharge data charge work on modems, routers and mobile routers?
Yes, the Flexi recharge offer will work on any active Glo SIM by default.
7. Can I make use of Flexi recharge when I don’t have a data plan
Yes, you can use data through Flexi Recharge as the data rates are as affordable as N1=1MB.
8. How would I get to know my data charges under Flexi recharge?
You will get the notifications at the end of your data session, detailing credit deduction for data session.
9. Can these flexi recharge data be gifted?
No. Data service benefit from Flexi recharge cannot be granted.

So to be able to get bonus recharge I'd suggest you switch to any of the tarrif plans available Here on naijaknowhow That suits your taste, Have a nice day and checkout other posts below.

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