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How to stop Airtel PayG from deducting credit balance when data subscription is finished

This is one of the most painful and stressful thing that can happen to any network user especially when you already planned to use your credit airtime to make call and you later discovered that after your data finished, you have been browsing from your credit balance.

The possibe causes is probably when you wanted to buy a new subscription i.e the one that just elapsed, you selected Data Subscription + PayG  if this is what you selected then likely they won't stop deducting from your balance when you try to access the internet and Airtel did not make available any options to stop this wicked act.

The only means by which you can deactivate this PayG is buy purchasing a new data plan and selecting Data plan No mb No browsing this is probably the last option on the activation page, so hurry up and buy another data whether little or large and deactivate the PayG before the best network Airtel drains your cash this 2018

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