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The Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry -

Ariel view of a prominent location in Port Harcourt 

Port Harcourt is a capital city located in the coastal states of Nigeria, west Africa.
being located in one of the most prominent states of Nigeria, 'Riverstate' makes her a city of great importance to the nation and to west africa as a whole, hosting a great deal of diverse cultures all rich in cultural values and arts.

Art has been one of the most thriving crafts in the city until recent years, dating as far back as the 70's when the white men still had considerable amount of influence in national activities, Port Harcourt served and is still serving as one of the most vibrant tourist locations in West Africa, deliberately rich in arts and culture.

The city's cultural buoyancy won it a great level of attention in the early 80's, through the years music surfaced as one of the interesting things the city had to offer, homing different sounds from the old school jazz style to the high life scene.
The existence of the performing arts in the city of Port Harcourt gave it a reputation of having an active night life.
The city advanced to becoming the second most valuable place in South-South Nigeria.
Clubs and pubs started flourishing as a lucrative business in the entertainment field.

up until the mid 90's Port Harcourt possesed one of the most flourishing industry in southern Nigeria when it came to the entertainment scene. As the years went by the the citizens of Port Harcourt started giving in to the  hype of Lagos state with the surfacing of multiple award-winning afro star Fela Anikulakpo Kuti on the Afro-beat scene attention from the south-south started heading south-west. Lagos state became a fast rising and developing state with good investment potentials, coupled with the oil crisis and rise of militancy, killing and kidnapping of the whites in Port Harcourt,  all hopes started resting on Lagos state.

The city of Port Harcourt lost her glory, a once flourishing and buoyant city turned into a ground for political fued and oil wars, businesses started running away, investors and industries, Lagos had it all.
This ugly situation had a drastic effect on the fast rising entertainment industry of Port Harcourt, also aspiring musicians and artists started settling with the mindset that "if one must make it as an artist one should relocate to the 'City' of Lagos".

Finally losing the hype, Port Harcourt became a city of just economical and political activities having no or little progression in the entertainment block. Still in recent years the fire has been sparked up again, youths are coming together to find a certain place for themselves and for their talents to strive. We can see local entertainment businesses flourishing again, Clubs, Radio stations, Cinema houses, hotels, suparmarts and spa are coming back to light the city up, we can proudly say that its just a matter of time before our sound is heard again world-wide.

Poolside - hotel presidential 

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