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December 16, 2017

Download Eminem - Offended mp3

Offended is a track from eminem's 9th studio album called Revival . Here eminem talks about robbery and cop's and also about disembodied bodies of a human, and he seems a bit offended as he goes fast and responds poorly to the beats he just drops his crazy skillful lines.

Some notable lyrics

[Verse 1]
You claim if you get knocked by the cops
You'll give 'em not even a statement
Walk in the arraignment
Shoot the bailiff, karate kick the plaintiff
Gotti with the stainless
I'll just call it shoddy entertainment
If y'all was in the party gettin' faded
On molly, had the audience sedated
You wouldn't catch a body if it fainted
Probably let it fall and hit the pavement
But you'd be the first lobbyin' to claim it
Bitch, stop bein' a lame
Your hobby isn’t robbery and dismemberin' body limbs
Like you was Tommy Lynn Sells
And chainsawin' them in the basement
Hardly fits your job description
Ain't nobody dippin' out the back of the club
Like, "Oh my God, he's trippin'!"
Only time you get the blade is probably with the dang lawn equipment, ain't it?
Wouldn't take a bobby pin and wave it
I need to stop bein' debated
You're still copyin', Xeroxing, I'm still coppin' a feel
Like Bill Cosby at will, popping a pill
Then spill Oxys in Jill's coffee
Then send her out to the hotel lobby a lil' wobbly and still groggy
This blonde fuck's reprehensible
Misconducts, never sensible
Kiss my butt, my set of principles
Is gone, but till I get the President to respond
My pen and pencil is a missile launcher
And send it to Mitch McConnell
Just as big of a bitch as Donald—shit's on, bruh!
Let me sing this shit soprano
While I do it pizzicato
Ivanka, stiff arm her while I'm hittin' on Melania
And this song's for all ya

Full lyrics can be viewed at Genius

This is a fast crazy rap song like 'Rap God'

Download Eminem - Offended, Here

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