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December 22, 2017

Download Travis Scott & Quavo - Dubai Sh*t mp3

Dubai Sh*t is a hiphop song with a lot of hype and energy that got something to do with Dubai and Abu Dhabi from the Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho collaborated album by both Travis Scott and Quavo , The song was co-written by OZ, Vinylz , Travis Scott , Quavo & Offset. And production was done by OZ, Travis Scott & Vinylz ,

This is the only track where quavo's fellow migos team mate offset is featured.

Here Quavo Raps About DJ Esco’s Infamous Marijuana Arrest On His Travis Scott Collaboration “Dubai

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Trampoline (trampo), Michael Jordan dreams
Half a bale in that vacuum clean (bale)
Abu Dhabi on them jetskis (skrrt, skrrt, splash)
Want straight cash, no checks, please (cash)
Shoot out that coupe, (brrt) what you gon' do?
I'm handin' out allowances to all my goons
In Dubai, I'm smokin' cookie in the hotel rooms
Got me paranoid, think it's an Esco move

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Dubai shit, Dubai whips
Different place, different chips (yah!)
A-T-L, this shit ludicrous (yah, yah!)
Oh well, like like who that is (straight up!)

Full lyrics is already available at Genius

Get Dubai poop below.

Download Travis Scott And Quavo - Dubai Shit Ft Offset .mp3

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