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December 22, 2017

Download Travis Scott & Quavo - Motorcycle Patches mp3

Motorcycle Patches , Is A Trap Song From Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho joint collab album by both Travis Scott and Quavo , The song was co-written by Supah Mario , Frank Dukes , TM88 , Southside , Travis Scott & Quavo and was produced by Supah Mario , Frank Dukes , Travis Scott , Southside & TM88

Some notable lyrics:

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Motorcycle patches on my jacket
Rip all the money out the plastic
Put it on her tongue and now she dancin'
Gave her everything, now whatchu' asking
Flip, make it flip, do gymnastics
Popped up a bean like a talent
Eat up all the green, taste just like salad
40 on my hip like it's new fashion, blastin'

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Huncho, yeah, yeah, yeah
She gon' make that ass dribble, playin' basket
Don't call it cuffin', nigga, I ain't passin' (woo)
Niggas pourin' fours, poppin' seals like caskets
Nawfside hot boy, I bought a dragon (yeah)
I get it, you grill, VIP, spread the bills (spread)
M's the deal, spinnin' the fortune wheel (spin it)
4 by 4, skrrting all the wheels (skrrt)
Eskimo (brr), icy necks and grills, watch out,
watch out
Big Baller Brand, watch out (watch out)
This for the fam, watch out (watch out)
It's my time, don't clock out (time)
Three way pack, we knock out (knock out)
Molly make her bite down (bite down)
42 Pistons, Stackhouse (boss)
Nigga we winnin', racks out (cash racks)

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Download Motorcycle Patches below;

Download Travis Scott And Quavo - Motorcycle Patches .mp3

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