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December 22, 2017

Latest Airtel 1GB Weekend Free Browsing Cheat

Hello KKW24 fans, this is another tweak
coming from Victor Kachi of ENTCLASS. This tweak am
about to drop now is sweet and at the same time
not sweet. What am i trying to say? I mean, this
tweak has the good side and the bad side, though
it's not that bad as you may take or see it. It's very
simple to activate.

This cheat has been out for
quite sometime now. It's called Airtel 1GB
weekend free browsing . I will quickly run down the
good side of the tweak.

You can activate this tweak with N0.00. i.e Free
of charge.
You can use the data on any internet enabled
device and even on pc via universal modern or
via hotspot tethering.
The data works without any special settings and
it doesn't require any vpn app before it will
Browsing and downloading is pretty fast.

You can only use the data at night.
You can only use the data on weekends. i.e
Saturday to Sunday.
There is a probability that it won't work for you.
So you just have to try your luck.

1. Make sure you have less than N50 on your Airtel
sim or nothing.
2. Then dail *475# two times to purchase the 1GB
data free of charge
3. You will receive a confirmation Message for the
data via SMS but if you didn't receive any
message, don't worry. You will see a response
like: "You have purchased weekend plan bla bla
4. You can only browse with the data at 12am on
Saturdays till Sunday 11:59 pm.

I have already gotten mine and am waiting for
weekend before i can be able to use it. Atleast, it's
just a data bank for me. You can try this. If you
were given, kindly comment below or ask
questions if you are confused.

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