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December 09, 2017

Make weak phone battery stronger with alcohol

How to make weak phone battery stronger with alcohol

A lot of complains that are made by mobile phone users are the issue of weak battery, this problem is faced by almost 50% of phones users and mostly those residing in places where power supply isn't always available, like some part of Nigeria.

some possible reason why mobile phone battery gets weak are.

1. Bad charging

2. Overheating

3. Bad charger

4. Using the phone while its on charge

5. Fake battery

6. Not charging it completely when its first bought

And so much more.

So today I'll be giving you a simple trick i use on some of my phone battery when the battery starts getting weak. And it works mostly or at least helps in extending the life span of the battery. Please note that your battery should be completely down as in off kpatakpata

Here is how its done

Get a alcoholic liquid, ethanol would be preferable, use a cotton wool to dip in it and rub it gently on the Anode (negative terminal) and the neutral terminal only, avoid any contact with the Cathode (positive terminal), after this is done allow it to dry off which would happen almost immediately then add again to the negative and neutral terminal of the battery.
if your battery is four terminal, rub on both of the non inscribed possibly neutral terminal, i.e in between the positive and negative.
And allow to dry, repeat the process about five more times after which you allow to fully dry under a little bit of Sunlight for 30 minuites,
Next up is charging.....

here is how the battery should be charged, i believe my warning that the battery should have run down to 0% before this process is being followed was adhered by you.
if you are all good then charging should be done with AC current preferable use Public power supply and not Generator or inverter or power bank. Socket to charge up until 70% the switch on the phone and allow it to charge till fully 100% then unplug and allow to rest for 10 minutes before use.

i hope this works for your phone...

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