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December 21, 2017

[Video] Download Eminem Ft Beyoncé - Walk On Water (Music Video)

Eminem Ft Beyonce Walk on water official music video has recorded and it's in process of editing and cross checking before being uploaded to Eminem's Vevo account on YouTube for public and general viewing .

But in the meantime Eminem's Official Facebook Page posted a teaser video and fans of the Revival rapper can't seem to keep their calm. In the teaser video eminem is seen sitting with a typewriter in a room filled with him also, as in his 1999 song The Real Slim Shady , here he is trying to live up to his quote in one of his verse on The Audio of walk on water, which says.

Take your best rhyme
Outdo it,
now do it a thousand times

He is seen trying to match words together to form a good line/rap that would be relevant to the public that look up to his skill with the microphone, but admist mistakes he still tries his best to make it a possibility for that. And maybe in the official video we would be able to know what comes out of all his writings.

The official video download link would be made available on this page when the video is officially released

Download Eminem Ft Beyoncé - Walk on Water (Teaser Video).mp4

Download Eminem Ft Beyoncé - Walk on Water (Official Video).mp4

Download Eminem Ft Beyoncé - Walk on Water (Audio) .Mp3

Eminem's RevivalAlbum has proven to be a milestone work of masterpiece over the years, since the change into the widely accepted Trap Music, and also on the level of the likes of Jay Z - 4:44 Album and Kendrick Lamar - D.A.M.N Album .Although the immediate judgement by Fans turned Foes Most Trump supporters was proved imminently wrong as the album set to peak at No. 1 on Billboard any moment from now.

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