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January 07, 2018

Introduction to Nickzom Scientific/Engineering Calculator for Android and IOS

Nickzom Calculator+ | The Calculator Encyclopedia

Nickzom Calculator+ is an app that performs simple and advanced calculations on Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry and Switches or Unit Conversions and lays out the solution(s) and steps for quick and easy understanding.

This app also has Age, Basic, BMI, Date, Financial, Time, Time Zone, IP Subnet, Number Base and Scientific calculator and 30+ Unit Converters.

In Engineering, Nickzom Calculator+ covers:

Basic Electrical
Basic Electronics
Laplace Transform
Linear Algebra
Linear Programming
Materials & Metallurgical
Microwave analysis
Ordinary Differential Equation
Soil Mechanics

There are so many other sub topics in this major topics. For Example in Linear Algebra, Calculator+ can calculate Matrix Arithmetic, Inverse of a Matrix, Determinant of a Matrix, Transpose of a matrix, Adjoint of a matrix, Minors and Cofactors of a matrix. It can also solve simultaneous equation using matrix method. Not only that in matrix arithmetic, one can perform any of this operation: Addition and Subtraction of a matrix, Multiplication of matrices, Multiplication of a matrix by a scalar, Division of a matrix.

In Mathematics, Nickzom Calculator+ covers with there are many sub topics under too:

Algebraic Identities
Arithmetic Progression
Binomial Series
Complex Numbers
Compound Interest
Cosine Rule
Decimal Places
Geometric Progression
Latitude and Longitude
Linear Equation
Partial Fraction
Permutation and Combination
Prime Numbers
Pythagoras Theorem
Quadratic Equation
Significant Figures
Simple Interest
Simultaneous Equation
Sine Rule
Surd Operations
Tangent Rule

For Example: In Statistics, Nickzom Calculator+ can perform operations with discrete data with and without frequencies and continuous data. Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion and other measures such as Skewness, Kurtosis, Moment, Correlation and Regression.

In Physics, Nickzom Calculator+ covers:

Electric Field
Energy Quantization
Equilibrium Of Forces
Gas Laws
Gravitational Field
Heat Energy
Magnetic Field
Simple A.C. Circuit
Wave-Particle Behaviour
Work, Energy and Power

For Example: In Motion, Nickzom Calculator+ can handle finding all the parameters of the first four equations of motion and other parameters such as reaction, time, frequency, angular velocity, angular displacement etc.

In Switches or Unit Conversions, Nickzom Calculator+ covers:

Angle Switches
Area Switches
Base Switches
Coordinates Switches
Data Switches
Data Transfer Rate Switches
Electricity Switches
Energy Switches
Engineering Switches
Fluid Switches
Force Switches
Fraction Switches
Frequency Switches
Fuel Economy Switches
Heat Switches
Length Switches
Light Switches
Magnetism Switches
Prefix Switches
Pressure Switches
Power Switches
Radiology Switches
Sound Switches
Speed Switches
Temperature Switches
Time Switches
Typography Switches
Volume Switches
Volume?�?Lumber Switches
Weight & Mass Switches

For Example: In Magnetism Switches, Nickzom Calculator+ can handle magnetomotive force switches, magnetic field strength switches, magnetic flux switches, magnetic flux density switches.

In Chemistry, Nickzom Calculator+ covers:

Basic Chemistry (50+ chemistry solutions)
Such as: Kinetic Theory of Gases, Ideal Gas Equation, Graham�s Law of Diffusion, Dilution Equation, Solution Purity, Empirical Formula, Yield, Electric Force and Current, Electrolysis, De Broglie�s Law, Density, Number of particles in a substance, Linear Momentum, Percentage Composition of an Element, Mass, Molar Mass, Number of Moles and so much more.
Element Information such as group number, atomic weight and number, boiling and melting point, symbol and specific heat.
Gas Laws

Nickzom Calculator+ requires no internet connection.

Materials & Metallurgical
*Crystal Structures
*X-Ray Diffusion
*Imperfection In Solids
*Diffusion In Alloying
*Mechanical Properties
*Phase Transformation
*Transmission of Power by Belts and Ropes
*Motion of Connected Bodies

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