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February 03, 2018

How to hide files in file manager folders in Android

Almost every one loves sharing his or her smartphone with a love one for some reasons either for gaming purposes or whatsoever. At the same time we have to protect, the content and privacy on the phone. If you are android user , there are so many apps on Google play store which can be used to hide files and folders on our android smartphone. Installing these apps isn’t the problem , but the problem most android users face is memory space whereby you have enough space and RAM , its cool but in an instance whereby you don’t have enough space I bet you won’t be risking it on installing a new app.
However, there is a simple solution to get the job done without installing any app. In this tutorial am going to mention a simple trick for hiding files and folders on your Android OS without installing a third party application.

Hide Files Or Folders On Android Devices.
Hey! Get a comfy chair probably a glass of water , sit tight and follow these steps to hide folders and files without installing any application.
√ Go to your file manager or file explorer on your Android device , every android device comes with one.

√ Next is to create a new folder and move all your ( private data ) in it.

√ Now you have to rename your new folder by adding a (.) dot before the name of the folder E.g if your folder name is tipsrush you’ll have to add a dot at the front making it .tipsrush
√ Now for you to be able to see you folder you have to unhide it or just click on the show hidden files button, which can be found in the option segment.

I can bet , this is the easiest way to hide your files and folders without using any third party application on your Android devices.

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