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February 03, 2018

How To Stop MTN From Deducting Your Money When Browsing

Most people often complain that MTN keep deducting their money or airtime from their account balance whenever they are browsing the internet, even when they have sufficient MB or data plan in their MTN sim card.

Well in this post we will be teaching you how you can stop MTN from deducting your money when browsing, and any other funny activity on your MTN line by simply dialing a code.

 If your airtime have been deducted instead of you MB while browsing, you definetly will understand how it feels to be charged unjustly, and the most painful part of it all is that, when you call their so-called customer care to lodge a complain, they will keep telling you, “we are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you” without finding any meaningful solution to the problem let alone refund the airtime

Without wasting much time, lets get down to business, I mean the reason why you opened this post.

For you to be able to stop MTN from deducting your money when browsing, simply dial:
*131 *201#
To stop any funny Deduction or Activities On your MTN line.

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