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March 27, 2018

Geniune Buy And Sell Verified Google AdSense - UK, US, NG, IN

Making money from a blog or website has been what has been driving bloggers and website owners to venture into the internet business of either blogging or running a website which comes in different niches and services rendered, and Google AdSense has proven to be the best means to make money from your visitors without stress whenever a visitors clicks and converse with the ads placed on your website or blog.

Getting AdSense approval on your new website or blog isn't a thing of child's play, you need to set your blog/website up to googles various strict standards before you can be considered eligible to engage in the AdSense program, and you still may likely get banned and all your income rid off you and sent back to advertisers if you in the process of using this program violate any of their rules and this is what brings us to the buying and selling of Google AdSense although this has been working well for a lot of people out there, others too have fallen prey to scammers who do away with the Google AdSense account or money of the buyer.
And also for your information buying and selling of Google AdSense isn't against any of Google's rules, it is allowed by the company and doesn't get any violation reaction from google it's in fact advised that you get an AdSense account for your website as soon as possible to have gullible encouragement as to how hard you have worked on building your site traffic in cash.

Note: Amount of visitors to your blog/website determines amount of cash earned on the program. So don't think because you have AdSense set up on your website you immediately start getting money from petty visitors, you still need to work hard and get visitors to your blog/website content to earn good money from AdSense.

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With this much said lets head on to the main purpose of this program here. Buying and Selling

This program is set up to avoid fraud and scam in AdSense purchasing and is meant for these set of persons.

*Seller Of Google AdSense (Verified/Non-verified)
*Interested Buyer Of Google AdSense (Verified/Non-verified) *Seller Of Google AdSense (Hosted/Non-hosted)
*Interested Buyer Of Google AdSense (Hosted/Non-hosted)
*Buyers of verification pins.

Get to know the big words: if you are new to AdSense you tend to ask the difference between hosted and non hosted Google AdSense accounts and also the difference between verified and non verified accounts.

Here it is, a hosted AdSense account is an account that was applied for from a third party website hosted outside google and the AdSense ads can run on any website at all. While a non hosted was applied directly from Google's own Blogspot and can not be used on any other but a blog hosted on blogspot. depending on your interest you choose the one you want to purchase, if your blog/website is hosted outside blogspot you should go for a non hosted account while if it's hosted on blogspot you should go for a hosted account, the thing is a hosted account is cheaper than a non hosted because hosted accounts are pretty easy to acquire. Whilst a Verified account is an account that has been verified by pin which gets sent to the owner of the account from google as a mail when a particular minimum threshold is being earned as for Nigerian AdSense accounts when you earn up to $10 dollars the pin is being sent by google to your address so as to verify that you are a real person it takes up to a month to arrive actually when it gets to you you go to the AdSense dashboard and input the pin to validate your account else when the minimum cash out is reached you cant cash out your hard earned money. Sadly some of the mail never gets to reach the user and so also we sell pin validation for AdSense accounts.

Do You Want To Buy Or Sell Google AdSense? Click Here To Message Us On Whatsapp Now.

And a non verified account hasn't been verified by pin and cannot usher out payment to publisher running them else its verified. and also a verified account is more costly than a non verified, i hope i explained everything well.

Where we come in.

Due to high rates of scam and fraud when it comes to AdSense purchasing a middle man is needed in the transaction process. We act as the middle man whereby if you need and AdSense account we get your email address and we hook up with available sellers and do the cross checking of the AdSense account to match the one the buyer is requesting for and we do the required transaction before inviting the buyers email also and also save the stress for newbies who knows little about the Google AdSense.

We Charge a commission fee that would be let known to all interested persons and we sell all counties AdSense 

We work with genuine source for AdSense accounts so your money is safe. and if you are an AdSense seller and want to join our reseller source, proof of past successful transaction should be offered to us.

What buyers need is just an active gmail address that would be used in accessing the account for further uses by the buyer.

if you are having any misunderstanding or questions please use the comment box below and as well reach out to us on Whatsapp here

Have a nice experience...

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