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March 20, 2018

Top 10 (ten) Best 6lack Songs

6lack is one of the names that would grow to be familiar to everyone in the nearest future, not too far anymore he was born Ricardo Valdez Valentine and was born on June 24, 1992 in Atlanta , Georgia , U.S.
He does predominantly R&B, trap, alternative R&B, hip hop.

Of recent he has been gaining grounds in the music scene with the release of he Debut Album Free 6lack in November of 2016 which peaked at number 34 on the Billboard 200 chart. Included in the album is his hit track PRBLM also concluded the free 6lack tour not so long after.

Here on this post we would be compiling 10 6lack songs you need to hear to prove the fact that 6lack is really going to grab that spot anytime soon.

Top 6lack Songs


If you know 6lack it's a high possibility that you heard about him from this song, prblms is a masterpiece full of rhythmic enthusiasm. The instrumentals takes you to a different level of feeling including 6lack's wordplay. Talking mostly about the women in his life and all the stress and headache he gets from each and everyone of them,

Notable Lyrics:
She text me "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you"
But how the fuck can you hate me? »
When I ain't did shit, but be the real thang »
She know I'm the real, that'll never change »

Listen To 'PRBLMS' Here

2. Cutting ties

This probably should take the first spot, cutting ties as of when this post was made is 6lacks most recent release and bet you 6lacks going to shine weather you like it or not. The song was released on Valentine's day for those that have vals or not... It was literally 6lacks best ever Valentine's gift to his growing fans, here he talks about failing relationship and how when it comes to cutting ties with ladies he is a professional... Lol... But this song is really nice. It also had South African rapper Nasty C dancing to the song on an Instagram post not too long after the release of the single.

Notable lyrics:
Either way I gotta go, woah, oh, yeah
When it comes to cutting ties, girl, I'm like a pro, woah, woah
I tell you what you wanna know, oh, woah
You're prolly better on your own, oh, no
Either way I gotta go, woah, oh
When it comes to cutting ties, girl, I'm like a pro, woah, woah
I tell you what you wanna know, oh, woah
You're prolly better on your own, oh »

Listen To 'Cutting Ties' Here

3. Ex calling

6lack's really got it hard with ladies according to him. You should know what this song talking about just by looking at the title, ex calling should be the ringtone you set for all your exes lol... It's all hype. The beat go a hundred percent hard lots of sh*t to hype to there actually was a time I'd always charge my phone just to listen to this song. A little sign of rapping was done on this song.. 6lack all the way.

Notable lyrics:

We been through some things yeah »
Thought I could restrain ya
I don't wanna tame ya
Impossible to change ya .

Listen To 'Ex Calling' Here

4. Glock six

Glock Six is a bonus on the Free 6lack album, but it beat most songs included in the album main tracklist, The vibes here is really slow and full of that 6lack's genre of music, he talks on killing a girl here maybe one of his ex's you know 6lack and failed relationships are like five and six lol, just kidding.

Notable lyrics:

Said you can't describe this new feeling, you feeling, well I'll move slow
I saw something in you that you didn't see, I made you a believer
I taught you the ropes, now you good at the game
Baby, I was your teacher
Yeah, you made me fall like the Autumn, but chin up 'cause I'll never leave ya
I no longer front, girl, you're more than a want
Now I know that I need ya

Listen To 'Glock Six' Here

5. Never Know

You'll need to get a little patience when listening to this song on the album because it takes a really long time for 6lack to start his verse, I'm still with my earpiece plugged waiting for 6lack to start rapping after all the long instrumental while writing this part of this post. But it's a worth it i can bet on that here 6lack shows his rap lyrical skills in a different dimension. Lot of things to beat your brain about on never know, 6lack never waits on you to tell him when to go, else he'll never know... This song is dope as hell.

Notable lyrics:

I know a lot of people but I don't fuck with a lot
Got me standing here when I just wanna leave the spot
Thinking bout a whip and man I might just cop the drop
Just so they could think I'm friendly when I'm not
Arm out the window like yessir
Right good, working on my left bruh
Man I got my shit together then I stepped up
I got tired of niggas telling me I'm next up
Old label wasn't talking bout nothing

Listen To 'Never Know' Here

6. Rules

You like to bop right?. 6lack is a box of surprises here on this song it's more than supernatural, i bet you won't even know when you start jumping around the house like a mad man when you play this song, yo 6lack that beat go wayyyy hard.
The vibe that is displayed here was being built right from the start of the song.. Nice production. Damn live performance for this song going to be a lot crazy. Be ready to rage

Notably Lyrics:
Working on my rules, yeah, my rules
Follow or you lose
Working on my rules, yeah, my rules
You don't get to choose
I've been feeling new
You should let me teach you how to move
I've been working on my rules
I've been working on my rules

Listen To 'Rules' Here

7. Worst luck

This should probably be the song where 6lack inversely shows us what inspires him to make the type of music he does, 6lack makes moody hip hop about mostly failed relationship and on worst luck he emphasised more on the matter that his lady should find a way to live without him due to his bad lucks with love and relationships, maybe he really ain't working hard enough. God is love and everyone is an image of God so we can love and be loved, just saying though. The song is nice too.

Notable Lyrics:
I tell you let it go but you don’t want to
I ask you what the fuck you want
Just say I want you
Are you crazy
You could have it all
Why settle for me?
You're doing good
You should keep going
Don’t back pedal for me

Listen To 'Worst Luck' Here

8. Gettin' old

I must admit it, 6lack is pretty good at making love songs, if you doubt that then you got to hear this song. Its filled with that intimate spark lot of love song singers lack these days. Here 6lack is trying to prove the point to a lady he fell so deeply in love that going out is getting old and that he should be allowed to prove the love he has for her from a different direction, Really going out is getting old, cos I'm broke though.

Notable Lyrics:

I know you’re tired and I know it's places you wanna go
I can tell that you’re open to smoking
And learning the shit that you didn’t know
I can show you something
My loving never ends
I can show you something
My loving never ends
Ooo yea

Listen To 'Gettin' Old's Here

9. First Fuck Ft Jhené Aiko

This song is on a different level of it's own, here 6lack gets sexually drived and goes into the booth with that feeling and does a song and it's sensational, talks about how his lady fell in love with him at first sight, sorry i meant how his lady feel in love with him after their first sexual intercourse. It's really nice to hear 6lack when he's horny lol..

Notable Lyrics:

[Hook: 6LACK & Jhené Aiko]
I bet you love me more after the first fuck
I bet I love you better than your first love
I bet I love you so much you forget the shit that had you worked up, yeah
I bet I love you more than I can say to you
Something 'bout you makes me wanna lay with you
But only for the night

Listen To 'First Fuck' Here

10. Free

Some relationships are like prison cell for the one of the partakers, on free 6lack talks about a girl he was in a relationship that felt like a trap and how he feels free to be out of the bondage of a relationship, if you in a relationship you are not enjoying anymore please follow 6lacks footsteps and free yourself you only got one life why waste some of the span on a bandaged relationship all in the name of not being single, 6lack says it all.

Notable Lyrics:
You had just what you needed to be
Everything you want to be
But you'd rather run round these streets
Now you're feeling freer than you've ever been
But really you feel trapped, no need to pretend

Listen To 'Free' Here

With all this songs listed above it's safe to say 6lack is here to stay.. You can get the full Free 6lack Album here

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