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April 07, 2018

30secondstomars - America Full Album Download Zip

30secondstomars new album

America is an album from American band 30secondstomars. And it was released to the public on the 6th of april 2018.
it's a 12 track album. and with lots of talented personnel's contributed to the success of the project. amongst them are producers Jamie Schefman, Jared Leto, KillaGraham, Mike Elizondo, Robopop, Tommy English, Yellow Claw & Zedd and guest artists that appears on the album with the band are A$ap Rocky and halsey. The album focuses mostly on America and what trends are in stall

Album Cover
The album contains 8 official cover, each having something to say about the lifestyle of Americans.
America cover 1
Album Cover 1

America cover 2
Album Cover 2

America cover 3
Album Cover 3

America cover 4
Album Cover 4
America cover 5
Album Cover 5

America cover 6
Album Cover 6

America cover 7
Album Cover 7

America cover 8
Album Cover 8

Album Tracklist

The album contains only 12 tracks and fans are really showing support for the band over the release of the album, hopefully more cool stuffs would be coming from the band.
1 Walk on Water
2 Dangerous Night
3 Rescue Me
4 One Track Mind (Ft. A$AP Rocky)
5 Monolith
6 Love Is Madness (Ft. Halsey)
7 Great Wide Open
8 Hail to the Victor
9 Dawn Will Rise
10 Remedy
11 Live Like a Dream
12 Rider

Download Album Zip Here (soon)

The crew has stood the test of time being in the game for a couple amount of years and still staying relevant to the younger generation. A lot of new projects could possible in the nearest future.

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