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April 09, 2018

Smile 4G Hack - How To Get Free 1GB Daily For 1 Year

Since spectranet and ntel came into the 4G service providing buisness, smile 4g has experience a drop in customers so here is a welcome development.
Get 1GB Free On Smile

Smile NG is a 4G LTE internet service provider that is super fast, affordable, high quality and reliable. Smile runs on band 20 (800mhz) , and has its network available in some states in Nigeria.

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Smile NG is giving out free 1GB data daily for 365 days, making it 365 GB in total. Interesting right? Oh yeah it is. It's a way to get her users back on the network. Get your Smile 4G sim card that you haven't used for 90 days or more,
subscribe to a minimum of 500MB data plan and above and you get your free 1GB data.

The data can be used all day without any restrictions. You can use it to browse your favorite sites, download, stream and many more.

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