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January 31, 2018

How to deactivate glo flexi plan 2018 tarrif bonus

By default every new glo user is always on this tarrif plan, and for some people they do not really enjoy this tarrif plan maybe because it doesn't provides any cheap services and would love to opt in for another tarrif plan hereby looking for a way to deactivate the default Glo Flexi. today I'll be showing you how to simply do this by migrating to any other tarrif plan that suits your taste.

What is Glo Flexi
1. What is the Glo Flexi Recharge?
This is a one-step solution where your main account credit can be used for either voice or data as you like it. The Flexi Recharge allows you to use Voice as per profile and bundle data at the rate of just N1 = 1MB. Now no hassles, no need to buy data bundle.
2. What do I have to do to enjoy these Flexi Recharge benefit?
The Flexi recharge benefits are by default for all prepaid and postpaid customers.
3. How do I opt in for Flexi Recharge and enjoy these benefits?
No opt in is required as you will enjoy Flexi Recharge by default.
4. How do I receive and enjoy Flexi Recharge?
Just recharge by dialing *123*PIN# and you have freedom to use the credit either for voice or data.
5. I have an HSI data plan will I be charged for Flexi Recharge?
No. Flexi recharge is only applicable if you do not have an active data subscription or your data subscription has exhausted.
6. Will these flexi recharge data charge work on modems, routers and mobile routers?
Yes, the Flexi recharge offer will work on any active Glo SIM by default.
7. Can I make use of Flexi recharge when I don’t have a data plan
Yes, you can use data through Flexi Recharge as the data rates are as affordable as N1=1MB.
8. How would I get to know my data charges under Flexi recharge?
You will get the notifications at the end of your data session, detailing credit deduction for data session.
9. Can these flexi recharge data be gifted?
No. Data service benefit from Flexi recharge cannot be granted.

So to be able to get bonus recharge I'd suggest you switch to any of the tarrif plans available Here on naijaknowhow That suits your taste, Have a nice day and checkout other posts below.

December 22, 2017

Glo Launches Sharp Sharp E-Top up and Glo Café - How They Works

Glo NG has launched two new services, which are
Glo Sharp Sharp E-Top up and Glo Café. These
services were recently announced by GLO, and
they somehow works together. I will quickly
explain both here in this article.

Glo Sharp Sharp E-top-up gives customers 8 times
the value recharged when they recharge from any
electronic channels like Glo Café, Automated
Teller Machines (ATM) and Point Of Sale
terminals etc. For instance, if you recharge with
N201 , you will get over N1,601 made up of N201
in your main account, N100 bonus airtime for calls
to all networks and N900 bonus airtime to call
other Glo subscribers. This is really a great value
for money if you ask me.

However, customers will receive 50MB data bonus
for personal use and extra 25MB data, which can
be gifted to another Glo customer, interesting

Glo Café on its own, offers world class games
including Gameloft; thousands of movies and
video content, two million songs including 10,000
music videos, jokes, sports, entertainment and e-
commerce services.

One interesting thing added to the Glo café is Glo
Live Cast, where Globacom as the first operator to
launch Mobile TV (Glo live cast) in Nigeria.

This gives its subscribers the opportunity to watch live
local TV channels (such as NTA, AIT, WAP TV ,
etc.) with HD quality streaming on their Glo mobile

But wait a minute, how can we actually watch a
movie, not to talk of HD quality movie via Glo
mobile TV with their poor data network? I'm still
wondering if it will be possible. Even if it's
possible, we can't stream conveniently without
buffering every seconds.

E-top up bonus is valid for 7 days and it can be
used at anytime to call and text (Glo to Glo lines)
before it expires. You can check your bonus
balance by dialing #122# .

Meanwhile, Glo Café app can be downloaded from
playstore . The question is, can we actually watch
mobile tv on this slow glo network?

As seen on entclass.

December 17, 2017

Use Glo hourly youtube subscription to power all apps with Http injector

Glo has revealed a good package for their Internet subscribers which gives you free access to YouTube from 1am-5am for those who have subscriptions of N500 and above. The YouTube streaming is unlimited and can be used to watch any video on YouTube. But today it will take a twist on free browsing web.

I will show you how you can use this cheat Glo Youtube Cheat to power all applications on your device and download unlimited from1am-5am. Trust me, this cheat is hot and blazing fine. All the needed sacrifice is your rest time and you should download whatever you want to download with high speed since it has been observed Internet speed is improved only at night.

Please note that you must have a subscription of N500 or above to partake of the free youtube app which you will later tweak. In other words, you need to subscribe to Glo data from N500 above so as you can turn on your data and receive Glo 3G/4G Signal.

See requirements below

1. Glo Sim A good 3G/4G LTE network

2. Subscription Of N500 and above

3. Any device like windows phone, Android, iOS or PC.

4. Download HTTP Injector APK (Get on playstore)

5. Config File EHI

6. You can buy any plan of your choice by dialing * 777#.

7. Of course, enough storage space for crazy downloads.

How To Use Glo YouTube To Power All Apps And Download Unlimitedly

1. Install the app and launch it

2. Click the document Sign and Click Import Config

3. Next locate the .ehi files for the Glo setting downloaded (As seen in requirements)

4. Next, Tick DNS ( Default DNS)

5. Turn on your data connection and Click START,
to enjoy latest free glo browsing cheat.

Note: >> This Glo free browsing tweak works during the night, from 1am-5am, so don’t use before or after the estimated time to avoid zapping your data.

>> Ensure you check your data plan to see if it is deducted, if it’s not deducted, then you are good to go.

>> Enjoy better with Ucmini browser for better downloading speed with Glo free night browsing code on http Injector.

>> Thank me later

Kelvin Alexander

December 13, 2017

Full list of Glo youtube data plan offer , subscription price and more info

Globacom customers can now automatically enjoy free YouTube access with every purchase of data plans worth N500 or more .

This benefit is received, irrespective of customer device technology i.e 4G LTE, 3G or 2G network.

Furthermore, customers will still be able to purchase these data plans at existing prices and respective validity days.

Subscribers can buy any plan of their choice by dialing *777# or by using the hsi self-care – . These data plans, which can be gifted and shared, are also available on Etop-up channels and Glo Café App.

In addition to the enhanced features and extra data volumes, customers can enjoy:

1. 2.5GB for watching YouTube videos which would be available for use between 1.00am and 5.30am and will work as long as your main data plan is current and valid.

2. All the above changes are also applicable to BlackBerry 10 plans.

See some questions and answers you have to know about Glo YouTube Data offer

1. What are the major Highlights on the data plans?
Customers who buy data plans of N500 and above will get YOUTUBE Free Night Browsing capped at 2.5GB between the hours of 1.00am to 5.30am, subject to the validity of attached data plans.

2. Are these YouTube offerings available to all customers?

Yes. YouTube free offer is available to all prepaid and postpaid customers who buy data plans of N500 and above.

3. Can I auto renew with a lower plan and still get the extra bonus data benefit?

Yes. As you auto renew to a new plan above N500 you will you get the extra night plan/YouTube offer benefit to enjoy between 1.00am to 5.30am.

4. Can these plans be used to browse other websites?

No. The YouTube offer plan is only for the access to FREE YouTube entertainment during the allotted time band (1.00am to 5.30am).

5. Can these plans be gifted?

No. YouTube offer which is attached to data plans from N500 and above is not giftable but the main data plan volume is giftable.

6. Can these plans be shared?

No. YouTube offer which is attached to data plans from N500 and above is not shareable but the main data plan volume is shareable

7. How do I get these YouTube offer?

Subscription to Data Plans of N500 and above entitles you to the Free YouTube benefit. Purchase data plans by dialing *777# for plan menu to select data plan of choice. You can also purchase data plans at .

8. Will Free YouTube work on modems, routers and mobile routers?

Yes, the free YouTube is dependent on the data plan purchased, irrespective of the device once the device has an active Glo SIM. However, they are targeted at handset users.

9. Can I stack the Free YouTube benefit by subscribing multiple times?

Yes, these plans will work as part of their parent plans.

10. Are these plans auto-renewable?

Yes. As you auto renew your data plans of N500 & above, you will get the YouTube offer benefit to enjoy between 1.00am to 5.30am.

11. How do I get the YouTube offer on my Data plan?

YouTube benefits can be received when you buy a data plan from N500 and above.

12. Are these YouTube offers stand-alone plans?

No. The YouTube free offer form part of normal HSI data plan benefits.

13. Do these plans have any condition to use?

Yes. YouTube plan is capped at 2.5GB; within a time band between 1.00am and 5.30am; and are subject to validity rules of parent plan.

14. What are the data plans of N500 and above and their validity periods?

They are as shown below:

Price Plan (N)
Data Plan
Validity Period
N500 2.5GB 30days
N1000 2.5GB 30days
N2000 2.5GB 30days
N2500 2.5GB 30days
N3000 2.5GB 30days
N4000 2.5GB 30days
N5000 2.5GB 30days
N8000 2.5GB 30days
N10000 2.5GB 30days
N15000 2.5GB 30days
N18000 2.5GB 30days
N20000 2.5GB 30days.

Hope that this would be of help..

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