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April 09, 2018

Steps to group video chat on snapchat

Snapchat group video call
Sample of snapchat group video chat

You can now video chat with grouos of your family, friends, classmate and whoever at once on snapchat, as the feature has been made available to users of the social platform.

How To Group Video Chat On Snapchat 

To access the feature, you can enter an existing group chat or create a new one.

Then tap the video icon to start a group video chat. Each member of that group will be notified and choose whether to join via video or voice.

This video chat update, would be rolling out to users globally in few days to come. The group video chat accepts only 16 persons.

February 24, 2018

See photos when using freebasic on

We all know that Freebasics has been a life save right from time and thousands of people has been using it to access facebook and other sites for free.

Freebasics as said by the founder, is to bring people closer to the internet. In fact, most websites and blogs are on Freebasics.

In facebook Freebasics, you are only permitted to chat and update your facebook status, you are never permitted to see photos only profile pic.

As days go by, I tried to make things easy for people by allowing them see photos on free facebook. And as time may have it, I have discovered a way to see photos on free facebook.

The only disadvantage is That you cant watch videos with it. But I think is better than nothing.

Now i bring to you the ultimate trick in which you can use to see pictures on facebook when when you are using Freebasic. Follow the steps below.


1. You must have facebook lite. Download facebook lite from Google Play Store.
2. Now if you dont have mb, just collect the app from a friend. lunch the app, its wi automatically be on free mode.
3. After you have logged in, at the top right coner of the app you will see where its written see photos, click on it.
4. Anything that you were asked just click yes even when you dont have mb
5. After that, the facebook lite will be on data mode, simply close and open the app again and yoi start seeing pictures on the app.

Its simple, anywhere you see "See photos" click on it and tap use data, restart the app and you are done.
Note.....Only facebook lite supports this
You cant watch videos with it.
You can do every other thing you want.

February 03, 2018

Symptoms of virus in Android phone and solutions

How To Know If Your Phone Or Tablet Has A Virus Or Malware

Virus and malware of a thing used to be confined to desktops and laptops but now, more than ever, mobile gadgets such as our smartphones and tablets, are being targeted with viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, ransomware, adware – just about any type of “ware” cybercrooks can think of.
Our Andriod is the most attacked especially when it is set up to install app from third- party sources

How To Know If Your Devices Has A Virus
Here are clues you need to watch out for to suspect that your gadget is infected with some form of malware (both Android and iOS, jailbroken or not).

Surge in data usage
One of the first things to check is your monthly data usage. This is generally located on your statement from your cellphone service provider or when you view your mobile account details online. Compare the amount of data used to data usage from the prior months and if you notice sudden spikes in your data even though you haven’t really changed your usage patterns, then chances are you are infected.

Sudden pop-ups
If you’re starting to get annoying pop-up ads and notifications, unwanted reminders and nagging “system” warnings that just won’t go away, then your phone may have been compromised.

Unwanted apps
This may not be a problem for iOS but it can be for Android and jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Keep an eye out for apps that you don’t remember installing. Trojan malware, especially the adware, are known for automatically downloading further malicious apps without your knowledge.

Battery drain
As you can imagine, all this unauthorized background activity not only takes a toll on your data usage, it can impact your battery life, as well. These battery-sucking viruses may be disguised in third-party apps and unreliable downloads, and once you install the program onto your phone, you’ll start to see the drain almost instantly.

If you start noticing drastic reductions in your battery life and your phone is heating up even when idle, it might be infected with a virus.
Steps you can take to remove an Android virus
If you feel that your Android phone is not operating as it should and you suspect that a virus may have infected it, here are tips that can help you clean up its act.

Remove questionable apps
To review and remove questionable apps, go to Settings >> then Apps or Application Manager. Look through the list and keep an eye out for anything that’s odd or unfamiliar. Tap the questionable app you want to get rid of and this will open up the App Info screen. First, remove the app’s data cache by hitting “Clear Cache.” Next, delete the app’s data by tapping “Clear Data.” Once these steps are done, click on the “Uninstall” button to remove the app.

Some malicious apps may have administrator access and these are trickier to remove but there are ways. First, enter your Android phone’s Safe Mode. In most Android gadgets, this requires holding the power button until the “Power Off” or “Power Option” menu appears. Simply tap and hold on this menu until the option to reboot in Safe Mode appears then hit OK.

Once your phone is in Safe Mode, go back to Apps or Application Manager and uninstall any stubborn apps that can’t be removed otherwise. Some malicious apps also have managed to install themselves with administrator status so you will need to clear these permissions too.

Go to Settings >> Security >> Device administrators then find the app that you cannot uninstall normally, uncheck the box, choose “ Deactivate” on the next screen >> select OK then return to Apps or Application Manager to uninstall.

After uninstalling your questionable apps, restart your Android phone.
I believe your quite informed on mobile device virus and how to remove them, keep visiting for more.

How to hide files in file manager folders in Android

Almost every one loves sharing his or her smartphone with a love one for some reasons either for gaming purposes or whatsoever. At the same time we have to protect, the content and privacy on the phone. If you are android user , there are so many apps on Google play store which can be used to hide files and folders on our android smartphone. Installing these apps isn’t the problem , but the problem most android users face is memory space whereby you have enough space and RAM , its cool but in an instance whereby you don’t have enough space I bet you won’t be risking it on installing a new app.
However, there is a simple solution to get the job done without installing any app. In this tutorial am going to mention a simple trick for hiding files and folders on your Android OS without installing a third party application.

Hide Files Or Folders On Android Devices.
Hey! Get a comfy chair probably a glass of water , sit tight and follow these steps to hide folders and files without installing any application.
√ Go to your file manager or file explorer on your Android device , every android device comes with one.

√ Next is to create a new folder and move all your ( private data ) in it.

√ Now you have to rename your new folder by adding a (.) dot before the name of the folder E.g if your folder name is tipsrush you’ll have to add a dot at the front making it .tipsrush
√ Now for you to be able to see you folder you have to unhide it or just click on the show hidden files button, which can be found in the option segment.

I can bet , this is the easiest way to hide your files and folders without using any third party application on your Android devices.

January 26, 2018

How to activate atm card for online shopping and transaction

ATM cards like Verve, MasterCard and Visa Card are obtainable at Nigerian banks and their procedures of activation are almost similar.

To be able to use your ATM cards for online transactions, you need to activate them first for internet banking.

When your card is activated, you can make payments online for web hosting services on sites like, and You can also pay for auto-responder services on,, and You can also use it to buy products on B2B online sites like, and it can be used for transactions on and

There are different steps you can take to activate your ATM cards for online transactions.

How to Activate Your GTB Naira MasterCard

1. Visit any GTBank branch office and ask for an “Activation Code” for your ATM card or rather request a “Token“.

A Token is a tiny device that looks like a key- holder for generating codes or secret PINs you can use when you are transacting on the GTBank website. A Token is also required for the activation of your GTB ATM card for online payments.

The bank will charge you about N3000 for the Token and ask you to come back for your Token and Internet Banking details.

2. After you have gotten your Token and Internet Banking details, visit the GTBank website at to activate your ATM card for online payment. Click on “Login” and input your ‘internet Banking account user details. When you are inside your account, click on “Get Activation Code”.

3. There is a form you will be required to fill on the next page, following the information provided. Choose the type of your card (MasterCard) and put in the expiry date on your ATM card.
After that you press the small button on your Token. This should show some digits: type in those digits and click “Submit”.

4. After hitting the “Submit” button, your code will be generated for you. The generation of the code means your ATM card has been activated.

How to Activate the Diamond Debit Card

The Diamond Debit Card is issued to individual and joint account holders who run Savings or Current accounts.
There are three types of Debit Card namely
- Naira Debit Card: This is a naira denominated card connected directly to a Current or Savings account.
- USD and GBP Debit Card (FCY Cards): The USD and GBP Debit Card is a foreign currency denominated card that is connected to your domiciliary account. It is a global card that can be used anywhere around the world.
How to Activate Your Card

1. Visit any Diamond Bank nearest branch to generate a PIN on their POS machine.

2. You also need to generate an iPIN – a four-digit number that serves as a second level authentication for all your online transactions — on any Diamond Bank ATM to enable you perform online transactions.
How to Activate FCMB Verve Debit Card
Verve card is a local payment card used for making payment for goods and services on Point of Sales (POS) terminal or Merchant’s Website and also withdrawal from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
Verve cards can be accepted at merchant locations, websites and ATM terminals where the card system brands are shown. It comes with a second level authentication one-time password (OTP). It requires PIN (Personal Identification Number) for all transactions and transactions limits can be increased upon request. It can be used on Quickteller for transfers, payment of bills and airtime recharge and enables you to spend Naira wherever you go around the Nation.
It is free to change your PIN or withdraw cash on any FCMB ATM, but to withdraw on other banks’ ATM around Nigeria you will be charged N65 after third transaction in a month. Purchases made on POS and local websites in Nigeria is free.
Security and Safety of Your ATM Card
You should keep some details of your card such as Card Number, Card iPIN, iPIN, CVV2 and Expiry date very personal. (CVV2 is the three digits behind your card).
Always keep your ATM Card away from magnet or magnetic materials, radio equipment, mobile phones, heat and any device that discharges electromagnetic waves.

January 23, 2018

Unlimited Free Downloading On 9mobile With Go Vpn Free Browsing Trick 2018

9mobile has been giving out blazing free browsing tricks this 2018 from the release of the magic sim trick early this 2018 and now we here with a new downloading trick which requires a VPN app.

9mobile unlimited free browsing on Go VPN is mainly for downloading but not yet good when browsing or powering the app. So, if you have many things on the internet to download, you can activate this free unlimited browsing on 9mobile.

The free browsing is unlimited because it doesn’t have “limit”; it’s not data capped. However, you need a VPN called Go VPN (VPN Master) to activate it.

VPN Master is truly secure and reliable, which can ensure complete anonymous connection and turn any public hotspot into a secure WiFi network. It provides unlimited data traffic, unlocks blocked websites and brings basic private privacy.

With data encryption, you can keep your information very safe from hackers.

After activating the free browsing on 9mobile, you need the help of UC MINI app to download files. Let’s go on activation.

Firstly, download Go VPN aka VPN Master via here and launch it.

Tap on “Select Server” and select any free server like “Canada 1 “, if you encounter any network glitches, you can keep changing it.

After that, tap on the “Paper Plane ” to connect the VPN.

Then, open your UC MINI browser app and start downloading.

You are done.

According to those who have activated it, they said the free browsing is mainly for downloading because it hardly load pages and download at the speed of 15kb/s at peak and sometimes jumps to 102kb/s.

January 19, 2018

Host Files On For More Than 30 days

It's actually possible to host files on Datafilehost For more than the limited days that it would be deleted off their sever if no download is made on the file wich is a 30 days limit approximately one month. And today I'll show you how this is done.

Without much arguing datafilehost is possibly the best and most reliable file hosting website out there and probably the most used of all likewise zippyshare. And because of it's simplicity and smoothness in service and also the mobile friendly designing it is more preferable by people. But unlike and , to mention a few.  Your file be it music, document,  applications or whatever would be deleted off their sever and made no longer available to your potential downloaders, if and only if no downloads are recorded within the space of 30 days or 1 month.
So, without further ado i bring to you the steps to overcome this stress although it may look stressful but it's worthwhile, who would give you such free space to host your file like that lol, well Box will .

Here's how i keep my files intact on datafilehost for as long as i want.

Firstly download the latest Opera Mini Browser for Android phones or tablet. (Google Play)

After downloading the app install and launch.

After passing through any hurdles and you're set to browse.

Open a private tab on the browser and input your file download link you got immediately after uploading the file on datafilehost.
Then click on download. When the popup comes on click Cancle. After this quit the opera mini and clear the cache .

Datafilehost should record the download of the file, giving it an extra 30days more of remaining on their sever for public use.

This should be done to all your files you wish to keep on running on datafilehost and ensure to do it 2 days before the file is set to expire else download may not be read fast..


Open A Working PayPal Account in Nigeria - Steps #shelaf

Hello guys, it’s so good to have you on my blog. I want to believe, you already know what PayPal is all about, at least that is one reason why you opened and are reading this post. Hence, I’m going to skip all those long speeches about PayPal and move straight to the point.

Close to 4 years in which PayPal extend their service to Nigeria and 9 other countries. Anyone in Nigeria can actually open a PayPal Account with Nigeria IP address, but there are certain limitations in place and up till this moment, PayPal is not yet allowed Nigerian to have full access to their services. You can only use your Nigeria PayPal account to pay bills. In other words, you can only use it to spend online via your debit card. You can’t use a Nigeria PayPal Account to collect payment from online platforms or to receive earnings from your clients or to receive money from your friends, families and loved ones abroad.

But there is always a way out…
Some of us that are selling and buying PayPal funds actually have our PayPal accounts set up in other country names. The majority of such countries are USA, UK, UAE and South Africa. If you have a duly opened PayPal Account from any of this country, then you will be able to make payment with your PayPal Account and as well receive earnings with it from any websites in the world or even as a freelancer on popular websites such as Fiverr.

One major challenge you might have when using any of this country’s PayPal Account is that you can easily get your funds seized and at the end, you might lose it. Even if it’s as small as $20 or as huge as $20,000. You lose all, even after limiting you to over 180days.

I must tell you this, all the so-called ‘popular’ solutions I tried in the past just to have a well functioning PayPal Account have failed me completely. Despite the fact that I'm using strong VPN and I verified my USA PayPal account with a USA mobile number that I got from Textnow along with my active Payoneer US virtual Bank Account and Master Card, the USA PayPal Account that I'm using for the past 2 years through the method posted here, is now foiled and my funds on it was seized.

I got $229.67 in it. Suddenly, when trying to use the fund, PayPal is asking me to confirm my identity and I tried to use "textnow" number which I was previously used to verify the account, but PayPal is only saying "This number doesn't appear to be registered in your name. Please try again". This problem occurred when I mistakenly logged in to my USA PayPal account with my second laptop in which it was not the one I used to open the account. I have tried all the trick I know to bypass the limitation, but PayPal still pin down to spend my hard earned money.

No matter how you are smart, one thing I can guarantee you is that the account will get limited and later on closed down your account simply because it was not properly created and not carefully maintained. The next question that may come to your mind now should be, How then can I get an unthreatened and verified PayPal Account?

South Africa PayPal account is the way out now. The method I'm going to share with you today is a new and very simple method, but right now, it's very scarce to get it for free on the internet. You don't even need any VPN to access your PayPal Account, you can easily verify your account with your Nigeria debit (ATM) card and the most interesting part, you are good to go with your Nigeria IP Address! I’ve been using my own South Africa PayPal Account with Nigeria IP address close to 4 months now without any problem.
  • I can easily send and receive cash from anyone and anywhere. 
  • I can easily pay for products and services on sites that accept PayPal.
  • I can easily collect my earnings from Fiverr and other freelance websites.
  • I can easily key into any foreign websites like Valuedvoice,, seo clerk and other online programs to collect earnings easily.
  • I can easily access my PayPal account with my regular Nigeria IP anytime, any day and anywhere.
Now, I have rest of mind operating my fully functioning verified PayPal Account.

Everyone knows that getting jobs online or getting customers to hire you is very difficult. It takes lots of effort to do promotion before getting sales. Why then should getting paid to be difficult?
I love to see everyone have a faster way to online success and that’s why I'm sharing this new method of open a verified PayPal Account with you, it is a 100% total freedom while logging into your account.

Needed Materials
1. A valid old or new email address
2. Nigeria Naira or Dollar Master Card
3. Valid Nigeria Identity Card - National ID card or Driver's License or Passport
4. Your Real Nigeria Address, I mean the one on your ID Card.
5. VPN does not need, good to go with Nigeria IP address

It's time to avoid all shortcuts! Big kudos to one of our devoted fans Emmanuel Ekwerekwu. He is the one shed some light on this method and he has been using his own South Africa verified PayPal account close to a year now with Nigeria IP Address without any issues.

Follow these simple steps below to open a South Africa verified PayPal account:

Visit and click on the Sign-Up link and create an account there. Fill in your detail and don't forget to choose South Africa as your Country or region. Fill the rest of the form, under National ID, choose your preferred one and input the ID number. Also, don't forget to use the same names you used on your National ID Card.

I used my National ID Number and it was accepted, see the screenshot below for the proof;

Use the address on your National ID Card, for the phone number and Zip code, search for any South Africa phone number and Zip code through the internet to use for your detail. On completion, a verification link will be emailed to you. Click on the ‘Confirm Email Address’ button on the email sent to you to begin the activation of your PayPal account.

Verified PayPal account provides comfort and token of credibility to your employer who is going to pay you in near future. There are two ways through which you can link and verify your South Africa PayPal account and they are:
    1. By adding your Identity Card.
    2. By adding your Credit/Debit Card to PayPal.
    I used my ALAT Debit Card (Master Card collected from Wema Bank) to verify my South Africa PayPal.

    How to Link Your Naira or Dollar Debit Cards to Your South Africa PayPal Account
    1. Make sure that you have some funds in your Debit Card, at least N500 or $2.
    2. Log in to your PayPal account and then to the account profile (Remember that you don't need any VPN to log in).
    3. From the drop-down menu, choose Link a card
    4. Type the sixteen digits of your card numbers
    5. Enter the expiry date of the card in the next text box
    6. Type your CVV (CSC) number. This 3-digit number on the back of your card
    7. You should see your billing address there automatically and if not, enter it.
    8. Click Save and you are done.
    9. Once the Master card added, your PayPal will be verified and you can start using it to receive and make payments online.

    Note: Do not use the debit card or email address that was already associated with another PayPal account. Also, PayPal will charge the card N381.08 to make sure it's yours PayPal, but don't worry your money will refund within 24 hours.

    That is all! Now, your account is fully ready for operation.
    You can start receiving money from your survey companies, your affiliate companies and others.

    You are free to access your South Africa PayPal account with regular Nigeria IP anytime, any day and anywhere. The only restriction there is that, any funds you have received into your South Africa PayPal account can not be sent to other South Africa PayPal users, but you can send to any other countries PayPal users.

    I believe you enjoyed reading this post. please share this information with friends and everyone around you using the share buttons.


    Increase Browsing And Downloading Speed On Android With ADM

    If you are used to downloading huge files this post should do you some good. We introduce you ADM

    IDM only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system, the good news is that we have found similar software for Android users, which is ADM (Advance Download Manager). ADM is a powerful downloader for Android devices. ADM will increase the downloading speeds on your Android device up to 5 times. It's the best Android download manager for you! You can pause and resume your downloading files at your own convenient time and also restart them.

    Features of Advanced Download Manager Pro
    » Download up to three files simultaneously;
    » Accelerated download by using multithreading (9 parts)
    » Interception of links from the browser and clipboard;
    » Icon of the program and downloading progress in the notification panel;
    » Backup list of downloads and settings on SD card;
    » Completion notification by sound and vibration;
    » Resume after reconnection or program restart;
    » Save different file types in different folders;
    » Built-in browser for sites with registration;
    » Plan files download on a schedule;
    » Widget on your home screen;
    » Site manager;
    » No ads and much more.

    Advanced Download Manager Pro (ADM) old version 5.1.1
    Advanced Download Manager Pro (ADM) Latest version 6.3.1 (link updated on 19th January 2018)
     Note: Make sure you uninstall the previous version before you install the latest version to avoid unnecessary error during the installation.

    The developer said that you cannot download YouTube videos with it under Google rules, but the simple tip to download Youtube videos with your ADM pro is; by adding ss to your Youtube URL, click on search and you will be redirected to Savefrom. Tested and confirmed working via Savefrom.


    January 15, 2018

    Airtel 2018 magic sim freebrowsing cheat

    Airtel magic sim would not fail to blaze this year as it has been the last few years back since the telecom network started making some really good impression on the public and mostly in 2017 we had few or no working freebrowsing cheat from airtel and we hope and believe that 2018 is our year of new dawn.
    And lots of tricks and magic sim freebrowsing tutors would be made available for fans.

    In the meantime lets look at this trick.

    The magic sim offers you 2GB for N100 and a whopping 20GB for N1000, that’s crazy if you ask me. No network does this. Having said that, let me walk you through the processes involved. To tell you the truth, it is a bit long and tedious, but nothing good comes easy in this world as we all know.


    There are some procedures you need to follow in order to enjoy this overload data from Airtel. The cheat has been confirmed working by me and some few people.

    What you have to do is to port another network to Airtel network. For instance: Port MTN network (new or old line) to Airtel network. That’s all you need to do to get this cheat activated.



    Get a registered MTN Sim
    A valid ID Card (Must contain the names you used during sim registration)
    If above requirements are met, then follow the next steps below.

    1. Go to any Airtel service Shop close to your location, then request Sim port
    2. They will give you a form to fill.
    3. Follow whatever they told you to do for a successful porting.
    4. You will receive a text message from Airtel on the MTN line you intend to port.
    5. Now reboot your phone when you notice your MTN network has disappeared.
    6. You will be directed to insert your newly ported sim which is Airtel.
    7. Switch off your phone, then remove and reinsert your sim
    8. You will get a confirmation message from Airtel that your sim has been ported.


    To get the data cheat activated, you need to recharge the Airtel line from your Bank or Zoto Recharge Wallet.

    NOTE: Do not recharge your sim using Recharge Card Pins because you might not be given the free data.


    Like i said earlier, it works on all Internet enabled devices, you name it. It doesn't require any form of VPN to make it work on all apps.
    1. Recharge your Airtel line with N100 from any of the mentioned payment method. (via Bank or Zoto Recharge)
    2. You will receive a message from Airtel that you have been rewarded with 2GB free data.
    3. Now dial *223# to check your MB/Data balance.
    4. Data is valid for 30 days (1 Month).


    This step is not much stressful  . You just need to accumulate more by recharging again and again.
    1. If you recharge your Airtel sim with N100 again, you will be given 4GB. i.e (N200 for 4GB.)
    2. So in the same way, if you recharge N100 each on the Artel line 5 times, this equals 10GB for N500.
    3. So the more you accumulate by recharging your Airtel line, the more data you receive.
    4. Any given data has a 30 days validity period. 
    5. You can't accumulate more than 50GB per month.

    You will receive your free data anytime you recharge your Airtel line using your Bank or Zoto Recharge while your money is still intact. Remember not to use recharge card PINs.

    That's all for now, don't forget to stop airtel from draining your credit when your data gets exhausted here.

    Have a nice experience on kkw24

    Mtn Magic Sim 2018 Free Browsing Cheat

    Hello dear we are still on the new year grooving and The etisalat magic sim trick Is still blazing and possibly the leading network in Nigeria MTN users would be wondering the whereabouts of mtn magic sim trick for 2018.

    Well luckily for you this post has been made for that purpose and unluckily for you Mtn 2018 magic sim trick has not been set up yet. That is the more reason why you have to keep visiting kokowap24 for updates concerning magic sim and whole  lots of other things..

    We got you covered, This post would be updated asap when the steps are made available for activating mtn magic sim..

    Have a nice experience here.

    January 07, 2018

    How to stop Airtel PayG from deducting credit balance when data subscription is finished

    This is one of the most painful and stressful thing that can happen to any network user especially when you already planned to use your credit airtime to make call and you later discovered that after your data finished, you have been browsing from your credit balance.

    The possibe causes is probably when you wanted to buy a new subscription i.e the one that just elapsed, you selected Data Subscription + PayG  if this is what you selected then likely they won't stop deducting from your balance when you try to access the internet and Airtel did not make available any options to stop this wicked act.

    The only means by which you can deactivate this PayG is buy purchasing a new data plan and selecting Data plan No mb No browsing this is probably the last option on the activation page, so hurry up and buy another data whether little or large and deactivate the PayG before the best network Airtel drains your cash this 2018

    January 05, 2018

    9mobile Magic Sim 2018 Free Browsing Cheat (etisalat)

    Happy New Year Today I am sharing with you guys how to activate 9Mobile unlimited free browsing on your SIM. The Sim will be hacked to browse unlimitedly, download unlimitedly, watch live tv, YouTube and other livestreaming.

    Click Here to Join our whatsapp group and receive freebrowsing updates on whatsapp

    It works with all browsing devices, Laptop/Desktop, Tablet, Android, iPhone, iPad , and all Others. No hidden charges! You can load and make calls with the Sim with high speed internet speed. Most of Hackers will Request money before you can get this information.

    It is similar to MTN Magic SIM Trick , it can do unlike the mtn magic sim. You might have come across this trick on the internet but I sincerely doubt if any web page is currently offering it out for free rather they are charging for it (Well, how else can they get money benefits from their research) but on this blog today, am gonna give it out for free as usual.

    STEP 1
    Load/recharge 600 Naira airtime in your 9Mobile sim, then make a call or send a text to someone to exhaust 40 Naira, by so doing that you are left with 560 on your line. Don’t worry as nothing will happen to this money, it will just be there intact.

    STEP 2
    After fulfilling step one completely continue with step two below :
    Dial *560*800# from your 9Mobile Sim, you will get an error message, just ignore the error message.

    STEP 3
    I know you are done with step two, continue with step3 below :
    Remove your sim Card for 12 Hours

    STEP 4.
    Then Put It In a Nokia Torch and Dial #24*# then *560*800# again You will get another Error Message… And
    Finally the last step is to DIAL #24*#


    But if you are conversant with how trick works in our country, then you should know that no trick is guaranteed eternity. It could happen that you wake up the next day and realize the trick has been blocked, please do not get me wrong, am not saying it will be blocked tomorrow but am talking based on assumption. Let pray that it will work for that six month & if is actually work for that six month, i believe before then we will gotten another solution to extend its lifespan.

    If you want to appreciate this, have Questions to ask or have anything to contribute, kindly use the comment form below. More so, Remember use the “Share”, “Like” and other Share buttons to share this post with your friends.

    January 04, 2018

    how to create a new facebook account with same phone number

    How to create new facebook account with the same number or how to create multiple facebook account with the same phone number. is what you probably have been trying to do for some time but it may seem difficult or trickish on how you couldn't accomplish this This may have some disadvantage because whenever you try to lo gin facebook could get confused so I'd advise you to use email or facebook default username to lo gin.

    Facebook default username looks like this:

    To get your facebook default username go to your profile, and click on About.

    using it to logging just input John.braino.779 in the box that ask for email and phone number then input your password and it'll be good to go..

    There are some reason you want to do this maybe because you really don't want to purchase a new sim card or all your contacts are on the one you are currently using and you are lazy to start copying them into the new simcard for facebook to synchronise with the new account, So you'd lazily find a way to just make it possible. i know the reason for creating another account is best known to you. But also note that facebook is very sensitive and my Frost & Lock you out of the account if they find anything suspicious within it and put you on a security check. for a really Long Tiiiiiimmmmeee.

    so back to basis.

    Although this particular problem has been looked into by Facebook and users are now capable of creating more than one account with the same phone number despite country code whatsoever. Today I'll be giving those that still have problems with this a solution but i guess y'all are now few.

    I am using Opera Mini to make this.
    so download opera mini from Google Plays tore or any other store available according to the OS of your phone.

    next you also download a really cool Vpn app on your phone. This should be done if and only if your opera doesn't have Private Mode. or Ignito mode for other browser.

    if it happens that the browser or Opera doesn't have any of the mode provided above and it has been pre-installed already and in use, you may want to sign in to opera to save your bookmarks and speed dial. to brace yourself for the next step

    then next step is go to Settings=Apps=Opera mini and clear data plus cache.

    after doing this launch the application and visit facebook. Do this on Private browsing or Ignito browsing else use the Vpn app you downloaded of recent.

    Follow normal steps to create a new facebook account. but when inputting mobile number. do not put in the country code. just type it like that.

    Make sure the simcard is handy and on line because facebook would send a confirmation text almost immediately to it. Containing five digits. use it to Confirm the account on the next page.

    And everything should be Good.

    On your first account you should get a notification that says:

    Your Mobile Number Was Added To Another Facebook Account, Update Your Contact Information

    Now all you have to do is Ignore this message.
    And you are all good.

    If you are Still having problems with this.

    just simply Remove the phone number from your first account (Ensure you have a confirmed Email added to the account already)
    ignore all pop up telling you to add a phone number for the mean time. Then Use it to create the new account and hence re add it to the first account back. Sike. Wise isn't that?. lol.

    hope you enjoyed this thread, Check out my other topics below.

    Checkout my edit below...  Whatsapp me on +2348122958329 i'll do one for you...  Free lol

    January 01, 2018

    Steps To Cartoon Yourself With Picsart Apk On Android - Tutorial

    This post would guide you on how to turn your pictures to cartoon easily with picsart on android, be it your Facebook profile picture or Instagram profile profile photo or any other picture you would like to turn into cartoon like animation Exactly as it is with photoshop.

    A lot of people assume that turning pictures into animated like cartoons is something that can only be done using Adobe Photoshop on a laptop or computer, but due to ignorance they don't explore the whole capacity of some really cool android photo editing apps,  and picsart is a simply good app for completing this task.

    Picsart is possibly the most popular photo editing software application used on Android device. It contains Spectacular abilities and lots of cool Fx Effects and nice face cleanser no wonder most girls on social media seem not to have pimples on their faces when they upload their pictures on facebook. Lol maybe I'll write a post on that soon.  But we are currently on a different topic today.

    Although this tutorial will guide you on how to make your photos into cartoon.  The results from each person may differ because this action requires a little bit of artistry skill and little perfection and i recommend you use a Android tablet or any other android device with really big screen size resolution, this is because you'll have to use yours hand to do a little bit of coloring so using a bigger screen would keep you at a better advantage over smaller screen size also.  All steps on the video tutorial provided below should be followed from start till you get your required result .

    Please note that this is no trick or special picsart application .

    The requirements for this to be made is simple..

    No 1. Download Latest Version Of Android Picsart Here

    No 2. The picture you want to turn into cartoon. (ensure the quality is clear and was shot from a good camera)

    No 3. Follow the video tutorial below carefully from start to end.

    Hope this worked out fine.  Enjoy also invite your friends to this blog for lotta updates

    December 28, 2017

    How to use whatsapp delete and revoke sent messages features

    Finally, The most anticipated feature of the year; WhatsApp
    Revoke , which allows users to edit or delete
    already sent messages to group or in chat is
    now available for everyone. This feature will
    enable you delete messages from your end and
    from the recipients' end using two options
    The “Revoke” feature was announced since last
    year and according to WhatsApp, it is rolling out
    today on Android, iPhone and Windows phone
    platforms. Though, some third party whatsapp
    mods like GB already adopted this feature for
    quite some months ago.

    Officially, the name of this feature is now called
    Delete for Everyone or Delete for me . Let us
    checkout how they work.

    WhatsApp Delete for Everyone
    This feature allows you to delete specific
    messages you have sent to either a group or an
    individual chat. This is particularly useful if you
    sent a message to the wrong chat or if the
    message you sent contains a mistake. Deleting
    messages for everyone works for any message
    type in WhatsApp: text messages, images,
    videos, GIFs, voice messages, stickers (in
    future), contact cards, files, locations, quoted
    messages and status replies.

    How to Use Delete Message For Everyone

    Open WhatsApp and go to the
    chat containing the message
    you wish to delete.
    Touch and hold the message
    » choose Delete from the
    You can also select more
    messages to delete multiple
    messages at once.
    Now tap Delete » Delete for

    WhatsApp Delete For Me Feature Deleting
    messages for yourself enables you to delete only
    the copy of messages you have sent or received
    from your phone. Your recipients will still see
    the messages in their chat screen.

    How to Use Delete Message For Me

    Open WhatsApp and go to the
    chat containing the message
    you wish to delete.
    Touch and hold the message
    » choose Delete from the
    You can also select more
    messages to delete multiple
    messages at once.
    Now tap Delete » Delete for

    The message will be deleted from your end, but
    your recipient will still be allowed to see it.
    6 Important Things you must Know About
    WhatsApp Revoke Feature

    quoted message cannot be

    You cannot recall a broadcast
    message .

    You can only recall a message sent
    1- 7 minute- After 7 min , the message
    won' t be able to recall .

    You must update your whatsApp app
    to enjoy this feature.

    You and your recipient must have
    updated to the latest whatsapp for
    thisfeature to be fully functional .

    6 WhatsApp message recall work only
    on Android , iPhone and Windows


    Steps To Transfer/Gift Data Subscription on Airtel Sim

    Hello kokowapites ,I received a request on how to make a transfer of data bundles between one user to another on Airtel network although it isn't complex to do so but it could be confusing so today I'll be dropping a tutorial on how to transfer/gift megabytes (data) to another number. Please have in mind that whomever you want to gift or transfer data to must be using an Airtel sim card as well or else it wouldn't work.

    There are only two ways data can be shared between users on Airtel Network. And they are:

    1. Data Gifting
    2. Data Me2U

    The simple difference between the two is that data gifting requires you to buy the data from your account balance and send immediately to the recipient number, while Data Me2U more like the normal Me2U is actually sending data to a user from your already bought data balance, that means cutting from your already existing data plan subscription and sending some portion of it to whomever you would like to maybe a friend or family member that also uses an Airtel Sim card.

    Step.1 So firstly whenever you want to do any of the transaction you dail *141# .

    Step.2 Go to the next page list input * and press send

    Step.3 On the next popup locate Data Gifting And Sharing which should be number 6 input in the text area and hit send.

    Note: Before ever gifting or sharing data you would need to change your PIN , the default pin generated for all Airtel customers is 1234 . So we need to change the pin to your own pin, because even if you try to do the transaction with the default pin it would not work. It needs to be changed firstly.. So here we go

    How To Change Default Airtel Data Gifting/Sharing PIN

    ** While you are still in the data gifting and sharing pop up. Input look for Change Pin (Default PIN - 1234) , this should be number 1 so input 1 in the text area and hit send.

    **A new pop up would show up asking you to input old pin. Just put 1234 in the text area then hit send.

    **Another pop up would be made available asking for you to input New PIN, put the new pin you would like to use whenever you are trying to gift or share data to anybody in the text area and hit send. The new pin should only contain four numbers and should not be in descending or ascending order, what i mean is is should not look like 1234 or 9876, it should be scattered for example 2057 and any other you can think of.

    **Another would come up asking you to confirm the new pin. Just input the pin you put in the last pop up again. After that hit send.

    **You would receive a notification from airtel that your new pin has been set and you can continue with the gifting and sharing transaction.

    Everything about creating a new pin should be perfectly done by now.

    Now that we have created a new pin we continue from where we stopped.That is Step.3

    Step. 4 After the new pop up comes up you would have to choose if you want to gift from your airtime balance or share from your currently existing data plan.


    Gifting Data:

    For those that want to gift data to someone else follow the steps provided below.

    **On the current pop up choose data gifting which should be number 2, so input 2 and hit send.

    **With the next popup you would be asked to choose what type of data bundle you would like to gift the person, from the popup would look like this:
    1. Monthly Bundles
    2. Weekly/Daily Bundles
    3. Mega packs

    Choose the one you want to send depending on your current account balance, but for the tutorial we are gifting Monthly Bundles so we input 1 and hit send.

    **The next popup asks that we chose what plan we want to gift weather it 1GB, 3.5Gb or whatever. From the image below we go with. 9Gb , so we input 1 and hit send.

    **A popup would show up asking you to activate, input 1 and hit send.

    **After that a new display with a header Enter Recipient MSISDN: this simply is asking for the airtel phone number of whomever you want to gift the selected data to, so input the correct phone number any mistake made may result in failed transaction or if the resulting number is an airtel number, the data would be transferred to whoever has that number, so you have to carefully ensure that you crosschecked before hitting the send button.

    **Next popup will ask you for your PIN to complete transaction, i hope you remember the new pin we created here , input that pin into the text area and hit send.

    If everything is done perfectly the data would be gifted to the recipient number you input.


    And that's that for data gifting, we head up to the steps for those that want to share data from already existing subscription input # and hit send to go back till you get to the popup after Step.3


    Sharing Data:

    **On the popup locate Data Me2U , this is supposed to be number 3, so input 3 in the text area and hit send.

    **On the next output choose Send Me2U from existing allowance , this should be number 2, so just hurry up and put 2, in the text area and click on send below.

    **You would be asked on the next show up to input Recipient number , input the receiver of the data you want to share airtel's number in the text area then tap on send button.

    **Then you would be asked to Enter Data Allowance:, it's on this point that you would write the amount of data you want to share to the recipient.

    Please note that the data is accumulated in MB .
    So if you input 1000 it is equivalent to 1GB, understood?, good now input the amount of data you want to share. Ensure your data balance is more than the amount of data you input in the text area, if you want to check your bundle balance dail *223# or *141*7#. On tge 223 own you would get a pop-up of all your bonuses and data. But on the 141 own, a text message would be sent almost immediately to you showing all available data plan. I'd prefer that you use the 141 own.

    **The next popup would ask you to enter your pin. This is the pin we formed here. After you put it press send and a notification popup would come up telling you that it was successful.

    The pin for Gifting and Sharing are the same pin you created here.

    Hope this post was helpful to you. If you encountered any glitch or issues, ensure to use the comment box below and I'll reply almost immediately.

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