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Welcome to kokowap24! This blog is dedicated to providing detailed guide on food safety, the health benefits that several meals provides to the human body and also side effects of consuming certain recipes. We are aimed at providing quality informations and guide to safeguard our readers from medical complications and food borne illness.


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5 Health Benefits Of Balsamic Vinegar

In this article we have made a detailed guide about balsamic vinegar (what it is), it's types, health benefits, medical uses and also it's side effects. What Is Balsamic Vinegar Balsamic vinegar is a traditional recipe that is made from grapes. Balsamic vinegars origin can be traced to italy and it is usually produced by taking the cooked white Trebbiano grape juice and is used as a flavor. Several holy documents has referenced the balsamic vinegar since the middle Ages in Modena and Reggio Emilia.  Types Of Balsamic Vinegar There are three major types of the balsamic vinegar which are Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale and Condimento grade balsamic vinegar. In our next paragraph we shall discuss identifiable on this three types of balsamic vinegar.  1. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena This type of balsamic is a commercially made product that are similar to the traditional ones. This products are made from wine vinegar by adding corn flour, caramel and coloring

Top 10 Meals Rich In Antioxidants

In this article we will be discussing on the best 10 meals that contains enough Antioxidants which are necessary for the cells in human body. What Are Antioxidants ?  Antioxidants are compounds which can be found in certain meals. They are natural molecules that aids the body in fighting against and neutralizing free radicals. This radicals that antioxidants neutralize (hyperactive oxygen) are radicals that causes oxidative stress in the human body which starts a destructive process within your cells and causes unsuitability of molecules within them this situation may either lead to chronic disease or cancer.  How it works is that those free radicals are unstable in nature and they then attack healthy cells to gain stability. Those healthy cells attacked usually do or react the same way, attacking the cell surroundings to also gain stability and this may turn out to produce a weaken cell and weakend human organ. The conflict between those free radicals (oxidants) and healthy cells usua

5 Meals That Prevents Hair Loss

 Hair loss which is also called alopecia is a problem that has been increasing in an alarming rate for both older generations and the youth.  The human hair adds a lot to personality traits and many individuals are battling depression due to hair loss or alopecia. In this article we have provided a detailed guide on what causes hair loss, problems that arises due to hair loss and most importantly the meals that can be taken to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth. Causes Of Hair Loss  Loss of hair or alopecia is a physical problem that usually leads to psychological problems especially for women. When women losses hair it tends to create social mockery and brings about depression, men also may face psychological problems due to hair loss but it isn't as worse as that of women due to the fact that hair loss may be seen as a sign of growing older for men. The causes of hair loss ranges from temporary alopecia due to vitamin deficiencies or more complex health complications like

10 Health Benefits Of Mullein Tea You Should Know

 Mullein plant has been used over the years as a medical recipe plant, mullein plant existence can be traced to North Africa, Asia, Europe, China, British Isles, Scandinavia, Siberia and Southern Himalayas. In this article we will be discussing on what a mullein tea is, it's health benefits, side effects and also how to prepare the mullein tea recipe. What Is Mullein Tea? Mullein tea is a native tea recipe made from the mullein plant, the scientific name for mullein is known as Verbascum thapsus. The ancient Greek called mullein fluma and flego, meaning “to set fire.” because the Greeks usually dries and rolls the mullein leafs to use as wicks on oil lamps. The word mullein was taken from the Middle English word moleyn, which means soft. The scientific meaning of mullein (Verbascum) is a modification of the Latin word barbascum, which means bearded. This is because of the furry foliage nature of mullein. The mullein plant can grow up to three meters tall and has been used by sever

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Artichokes

 You may be wondering what artichokes are and how the contribute to the development of human health. In this article you will learn about what artichokes are generally (how it is made and ate), it's health benefits and also it's side effects. What are Artichokes? Artichokes are thistle plants which are cultivated as food, the plant has flower buds which are edible when the flowers grows fully. Artichokes plants are about 1.4 to 2m tall and has deep, silver, green leaves which are 50 to 82 cm in length. The edible flowers in artichokes plants has a round head shape and is about 8 to 15cm diameter. Artichokes are mostly found in France, Spain, Italy. U.S and South Africa, artichokes are of many varieties ranging from Green (big), Green (medium size), Purple (big), Purple (medium size) and White. Nutritional Value Of Artichokes Artichokes are rich in vitamins ranging from Vitamin A, E, and C. Artichokes also contains sodium, potassium, calories and so on. The below is a table that