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5 Meals That Prevents Hair Loss

 Hair loss which is also called alopecia is a problem that has been increasing in an alarming rate for both older generations and the youth. 

The human hair adds a lot to personality traits and many individuals are battling depression due to hair loss or alopecia.

In this article we have provided a detailed guide on what causes hair loss, problems that arises due to hair loss and most importantly the meals that can be taken to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth.

Causes Of Hair Loss 

Loss of hair or alopecia is a physical problem that usually leads to psychological problems especially for women. When women losses hair it tends to create social mockery and brings about depression, men also may face psychological problems due to hair loss but it isn't as worse as that of women due to the fact that hair loss may be seen as a sign of growing older for men.

The causes of hair loss ranges from temporary alopecia due to vitamin deficiencies or more complex health complications like hypothyroidism. Hair loss is usually very common for male due to baldness pattern while for women thinning of hair is the case.

In our next paragraph we have listed a few things that could be the cause of hair loss in both male and female:

Stress: Hair loss can come as a result of bodily stress which occurs physical engagements or as a result of sickness, injury, pregnancy or emotional troubles.

Lack of Proteins: Protein is what provides nutrition and energizes the body. A consistent drop in the protein level of the human body may lead to the down regulation of hair growth.

Genetics: Biologically genetics plays a role in hair loss basically for men because baldness is due to genetics and male sex hormones.

Anemia: Anemia which occurs due to low intake of iron is the cause of thinning and loss of hair in women of the age of 10 to 50. 

Chemotherapy: Most drugs which are used mainly for the treatment of cancer causes alopecia because those drugs are targeted to divide cells like cancer cells and also hair cells.

Over Styling: Excessive application of certain hair products and doing vigorous styling can damage the hair and lead to hair loss or thinning.

5 Meals That Prevents Hair Loss

Problems That Arises Due To Hair Loss

The way the society reacts to individuals who are victims of hair loss or alopecia has made victims face certain challenges which are stated in our next paragraph:

Low Self Esteem: Most people in society has made physical beauty a requirements for self esteem which made hair loss to lead to a drop in self esteem leading to a low self worth due to this negative opinions.

Dissatisfied Appearance: The hair usually gives the human face a fine or more better look especially when it is well kept. Loss of hair causes a noticeable recedes in the hairline which may lead to dissatisfaction in facial appearance.

Social Teasing: The society has a vice of wrongly teasing people for their conditions especially amongst friends or peer groups. This has made a lot of men who lost hair to wear face caps always and has also caused certain women to wear wigs.

Depression: Due to all this pressure and dissatisfaction some people have gone into depression due to hair loss especially in their closet when thinking of how they are regarded in society.

Meals That Prevents Hair Loss

In this heading we shall be looking exclusively on those meals that can be taken to prevent hair loss, we will be looking at meals that contains proper diet, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

 1. Salmon

Salmon is a very fatty fish which contains a high amount of Omege-3 fatty acids, amino acids, protein, vitamin D and B12. The nutritional contents of salmon has made it beneficial for the skin, hair, brain and also blood vessels. The Omega-3 fatty acid is an acid that is polyunsaturated fatty and enhances hair growth. The minerals and vitamins in salmon also helps in nourishing the body, enhances hair growth, solves dryness of hair, hair loss and hair thinning. It is recommended to eat salmon at least twice a week to get maximum results.

 2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contains a high amount of Beta-carotene, protein, iron, copper and vitamin C. These minerals and vitamins usually helps in enhancing hair growth. The major nutrient in sweet potatoes that enhances hair growth is the Beta-carotene which is converted to Vitamin A in the human body. Vitamin A helps in repairing cells including the hair follicles. So sweet potatoes will help in the enhancement of growth and repair of damage in the hair no matter how they are cooked.

 3. Oaths

Oaths are cereals that are rich in zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus. These minerals can help in reducing problems of hair loss or alopecia. Oats also contains fibers and vitamin B which supports hair growth, when you eat a bowl of oats recipe you should expect to enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss or thinning issues.

 4. Beans

Beans have very high contents of vitamin E which helps in repairing damaged hair follicles and enhances hair growth. Vitamin E also helps in improving blood circulation to several parts of the body including the scalp, which will lead to hair growth were hair wasn't growing. Beans also is very rich in antioxidants which prevents aging and hair falling.

 5. Green Peas

Green peas is very rich in iron and zinc which helps in nourishing the scalps and hair follicles to enhance healthy hair growth. Green peas also contains Vitamin B6 and folate that aids the formation of red blood cells in the body that supplies nutrients to the hair and enhances growth and strength. 


The five meals which have been listed in this article are meals that contains enough nutrients and minerals that help in enhancing hair growth and repair of damaged hair follicles. However, make sure that you aren't doing what will make you loose hair like over styling or applying different chemical substances that may inturn reduce or burn off your hair. 

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