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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

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Today we will be updating you on some basic amazing health benefits of tiger nuts and what medical effects it has on you whenever and however you consume the nuts.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

What Are Tiger Nuts?

Have you heard of this phrase and already in thoughts if the said tiger nuts is a nut that was derived from a tiger? Are you curious of the existence of this delicacy and how it was made? If it is a natural crop or an artificially made edible substance?

Well think no more, tiger nuts is not a nut derived or made from tiger it is simply a crop that grows naturally, this type of crop belongs to sedge family crops and is common in Africa and some parts of Europe.

The tiger nuts plant is a plant that can grow as tall as 90cm the tuber of this plant is the edible substance known as tiger nuts and the nuts are been used to prepare some delicious milk beverages.

How To Prepare Tiger Nuts Milk Beverages

Tiger nuts milk beverages can be prepared by first cultivating the nuts, taking your desired tiger nuts quantity depending on how much you want the beverage to be, properly washing the nuts, grinding them and also adding some additives which is depending on the choice of the consumer. After grinding and adding additives which are but not limited to sugar, milk, flavour and so on, you can now pour the grinded juice into a good substance and refrigerate it untill properly cooled once that's done you can now serve your delicious beverage with fries or any food of your choice.

Nutritional Value Of Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts is reportedly a natural crop that contains a good amount of carbohydrates and starch, that aside tiger nuts also contains;

26% moisture

29.49% lipid 

8.49% fiber

29.90% starch

1.70% ash

5.0% protein

13.03% sucrose

43.30% carbohydrates and

15.42% sugar

Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

There are several health benefits of tiger nuts and we will be discussing about a few of them in this paragraph, stay tuned.

 1. Blood Pressure Control

Tiger nuts contains a good amount of amino acids precisely (arginine) which is the commonly found amino acid in tiger nuts. The arginine helps in keeping our blood vessels wide to aid the normal flow of blood and prevent health conditions such as blocked arteries, chest pain, heart failure and so on.

 2. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

The good amount of insoluble fiber in tiger nuts helps in the regulation of blood sugar level in the human body, this insoluble fiber in tiger nuts is useful for patients diagnosed with diabetes and also for prevention of diabetes because insoluble fiber regulates blood sugar level and prevents it from coming up and down.

 3. Milk Substitute For Patients Diagnosed Of Lactose Intolerance

Lactose Intolerance is a medical condition that makes it difficult for patients diagnosed of this to consume dairy and traditional milk from cow. The inability to digest lactose from milk usually leads to conditions like diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and also bloating after consumption of milk or diary substance. Tiger nuts in the other hand stands as a good substitute for patients with this medical condition as the milk obtained from tiger nuts doesn't contained any lactose and is safe for consumption from lactose intolerance patients.

 4. A Source Of Non Meat Protein (Vegans)

Tiger nuts serves as a good source of protein as it contains roughly a protein nutrient of up to 9.7% which is almost equal to the amount of protein nutrient obtained from a full meat 9.8%. So tiger nuts is a good substitute for meat for vegans that doesn't want to consume meat but still have to obtain protein nutrient.

 5. Improving Potassium In The Body

Tiger nuts is rich in potassium nutrient and potassium is an essential nutrient necessary for the proper functioning of the blood cell, heart and other necessary body organs. Potassium helps in maintaining normal levels of fluid inside our cells and also helps muscles to contract and supports normal blood pressure.

 6. Beneficial For The Skin

Tiger nuts contains a good amount of Vitamin E which helps in the purification of the skin and prevents skin conditions such as wrinkles, premature aging and keeps the skin in a healthy condition. Vitamin E also contains a good amount of colorectal cancer prevention properties which is necessary for the prevention of cancer.

 7. Helps In Digestion

In some parts of Africa tiger nuts are been used as a traditional medicine to help aid digestion and also to cure health conditions such as dysentery and flatulence.

Side Effects Of Tiger Nuts

As we have all read tiger nuts contains some useful health benefits such as Vitamin E, Protein, Potassium, Insoluble fiber and amino acid. Aside all this there may be a little side effects of tiger nuts that may come as a result of excess consumption or allergies which we will discuss on in our next paragraph.

 1. Mouth and Skin Reactions

A common allergy caused by consuming tiger nuts is known as angioedema which is a Painless swelling under the skin, triggered by an allergy to animal dander, pollen, drugs, venom, food or medication. Some person's may also get canker sore which is a painful, open sore in the mouth. Canker sores are white or yellow and surrounded by a bright red area. They are not cancerous.

 2. Increase In Weight

Tiger Nuts contains a high amount of protein and access of consumption of the nuts may lead to increase or persistent growth in the weight so if you must consume tiger nuts it shouldn't be consume excess fully if otherwise then you must get other healthy substance to help reduce calories unless you are comfortable with the increase in weight.

 3. Diverticular Disease

This is a medical condition common for person's over the age of 40 years, diverticulitis is the infection or inflammation of pouches that can form in your intestines. These pouches are called diverticula. Tho it is not reported that tiger nuts caused diverticulitis but regular consumption of tiger nuts may lead to a high risk of getting diverticulitis.


In this extensive article we have looked extensively on tiger nuts as a whole it's health benefits, what tiger nuts is, the nutritional value of tiger nuts, how to prepare tiger nuts beverage and also the side effects of tiger nuts. This piece of guide should help in broadening your knowledge on the nuts and it's use. Feel free to consume tiger nuts as it is very nutritionally rich and the value isn't to be compared with the side effects, if you do not find yourself to have any of the allergies of consuming tiger nuts then I recommend you give it a try.

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